New Copiers, Demo Copiers, Off-Lease Copiers

New Copiers, Demo Copiers, Off-Lease Copiers


Samsung ↴ Canon ↴ Hewlett-Packard ↴ belives the four most important “R” in the business world today is resell, recycle, reuse and refurbishing mainly due to cost-effectiveness and environmental concerns. Little wonder that used copier machine that are for sale, have become popular both online and in your local listing. While you should be careful when purchasing used copier equipment, the truth is that huge savings can be achieved by choosing refurbished or used copier machines. You will be guaranteed not only lower prices, but you will also have a unit that is not saddled with a lease payment. For some businesses trying to keep down monthly costs, this could be an important factor.

It can be such a herculean task to find a company that would offer excellence sales after service. For most companies, their commitment ends the moment you leave their premises, and you are left to deal with whatever problem those results thereafter.

But with - it’s a different case all together. We are there with you every step of the way, providing you long-term service and warranty. You’ll never any cause to worry about your newly acquired copier machine.

Our large inventory and guarantees are what makes us thick. Look around and let’s have a good working relationship. We work with the following brands:

In an office, one of the most critical issues that must be done is copying different types of documents for circulation inside or outside the office. Many commercial firms specialize in making copies, but it is too expensive for a company to rely fully on these commercialized copiers, thus investing in a copier would be a wise decision.


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Cost management is a very critical aspect of any business. Every business wants to cut costs to the barest minimum while maximizing profit. In printing, one of the ways it can be achieved is by saving paper and energy; it all takes a single push of the ECO button and you can print more onto every page, with the inclusion of 2-up, 4-up, duplex, and the ability to save more toner when blank pages skips automatically.

Easy-Eco Driver allows for accurate previewing of document before printing. Furthermore, you can adjust color quality and also other setting to meet your requirements and budget too. You can also remove unnecessary text, image and other elements. In the process, you can reduce wasted printout and eventually, a more economical and efficient printing is achieved.

Enjoy quality printouts

Samsung's one-of-a kind RECP technology gives you the opportunity to enhance the quality and color of your printing in totality, so that every print looks perfect. It automatically sharpens the focus of both text and graphics, while solid objects are overlapped to eliminate white gaps.

Fast printing and scanning

With fast printing and scanning capabilities, expect an increase in office productivity. This is made possible by a Dual Core processor—Samsung 1 GHZ. Large print/copy is done faster with a swifter throughput for scan. Tasks are accomplished in 1.5 times quicker, and you can spend more time working and less time waiting around.

Enjoy quality printouts

The space-saving of 350-sheet finisher Inner Finisher and a well-functioning internal card reader enables make do with the available space without sacrificing any more space for additional

Low Power Consumption

With its ingenious all-in-one board, the overall energy consumption is held at a low rate by minimizing the power requirement. In fact, when you compared it to conventional board, it reduces TEC which is the Typical Electricity Consumption by up to 60%. More so, Samsung Instant Fusing System technology makes your print and also your copy much faster, and you can even consume less energy.

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Canon CopiersView Canon Copiers CollectionCanon copier have been proven to produce a high- quality work that we have experienced over the years.

Canon copiers is available in various sizes-- from small to medium sizes—for all your business needs. The small sized types are more convenient to use because they do not take up much space, yet, irrespective of their size, they are equally efficient and effective. The only limitation is the number of colors that will be reflected in your work as compared with normal or large sized types which will give you a wider range of colors and tones, and will deliver more in quantity in a short time.

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With evolution of technology, carbon paper copying has turned into digital photocopying which is a necessity in every office that uses written documents. With HP, you can have access to a wide range of printing equipment, copying, and imaging products, which in the long run avails customers the opportunity to print more while saving less.

Expect an industry-leading technology in colour and black and white multifunction printer, copier and equipment; Hp has got it all.

Look no further, as Toronto Copier offers you the best deals on a wide variety of HP products to suit your personal taste and style, and most importantly your office needs.

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At Toronto Copier, our customers come first, and as such, we make it a point of duty to provide you with the best used or refurbish copier for your office needs. Our excellent customer service ensures you are satisfied one time and every time you do business with us. And how do we ensure the copier you buy from us is problem-free? Cleaning and proper calibrations are done to ensure optimally performance, with the periodic maintenance kit installed.


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