$1990/Month Roland Texart RT-640 / RT640 64-Inch Dye-Sublimation Transfer Printer - DIRECT TO TEXTILE PRINTER With Advanced Feed Adjuster


Lease for Only $1990/Month

Roland Texart RT-640 / RT640 64-Inch Dye-Sublimation Transfer Printer - DIRECT TO TEXTILE PRINTER With Advanced Feed Adjuster

If you’re looking to start a “provide-all” custom sign, graphics, décor, and apparel business, the multi-function Texart RT 640 is the dye-sublimation printer for you. Intelligent, affordable, and versatile, it offers outstanding graphic results and gives you the freedom to print onto transfer paper or print direct-to-fabric.

- Piezoelectric inkjet / Grit roller feed
- 64" integrated dye sublimation printer
- Printing resolution (dots per inch) Maximum 1,440 dpi
- Connectivity: Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, automatic switching)
- Power-saving function: Automatic sleep feature
- The maximum speed of 351 sq/hr (32.6 sqm)
- Advanced Feed Adjuster for highly stable printing
- Ethernet connectivity for high-speed data transfer


The Texart RT-640 is a cutting-edge device that seamlessly integrates into sublimation printing workflows for everything from fabric banners and branded apparel to promotional items and interior décor. The Texart solution from Roland DG includes the Texart printer, Texart inks, ErgoSoft Roland DG edition RIP software, and options for accessories like transfer paper, making it simple to start - or expand - your sublimation business.

Brilliantly Simple Production

The RT-640 is intended to be as simple to use as possible. A powerful vacuum keeps the paper flat for printing, while an automatic feed adjuster and media take-up system ensure even tensioning and prevent skewing of transfer paper. As a result, precision details and a precisely wound roll at the take-up reel are produced, ready for heat transfer. When the primary ink pouch runs out, the innovative Roland DG Ink Switching System automatically switches to the backup ink pouch, providing up to 2000ml of ink per colour in CMYK mode.

Exceptional sublimation performance and value

Sportswear, fashion, décor, Point-of-Sale (POS) displays, trade show exhibits and a wide range of promotional products are just a few of the many opportunities available in dye sublimation printing. The Roland Texart RT-640 dye-sublimation printer was designed to provide superb quality, productivity and value with ease of use. Take a close look at the stunning output, then add up all the innovative features and we think you’ll agree: the RT-640 is simply brilliant.

It All Starts With the Ink

Roland’s new Texart SBL3 Dye Sublimation Ink delivers bold, vibrant color, deep, rich blacks, subtle gradations and remarkably fine details. The RT-640 can be configured as a four-color or eight-color device. In four-color (CMYK) mode, low-VOC Texart ink produces bright colors with velvety blacks, improved grayscale and high-quality, detailed output. In eight-color (CMYKLcLmOrVi) mode, the addition of Orange and Violet ink produces an increased color gamut with exceptional reds, oranges, deep blues and purples, while Light Cyan and Light Magenta provide subtle gradations and beautiful skin tones. The new Roland bulk ink system includes airtight sealed one-liter pouches. When printing in four-color mode, the Roland Ink Switching System automatically switches to the backup pouch when the primary pouch runs out. Further expediting production, you can replace an empty pouch without stopping the printer

Every Detail Has Been Optimized for Exceptional Output, Performance, and Value

An advanced, eight-channel print head contains 180 nozzles per channel capable of producing seven different droplet sizes for smoother gradations and denser color. Texart ink is approximately 15% less expensive per liter than conventional inks, yet provides outstanding color reproduction. The ink waveform and maintenance sequence control technology delivers the optimum output and print quality. The RT-640 also includes a newly designed media feed adjuster at the front and back of the printer that prevents skewing when running transfer paper media at high speeds. Enhanced vacuum power keeps paper flat for printing.

Take Advantage of Advanced Productivity Features

The RT-640 comes with a host of features that boost productivity. The newly developed feed adjuster combined with an included take-up system facilitates precision unattended printing. The TU-3 take-up system combines a convenient front-mounted roller and an advanced tension-controlled take-up unit for optimum media feeding and tracking. With Roland Printer Assist, you can manage your RT-640 remotely when you're in the office using an iPad tablet, allowing you to control common printer operations such as test printing and cleaning functions.

Combine RT-640 with Texart Transfer Paper for beautiful results

To meet the RT-640's high-quality colour and print demands, Roland DG offers a premium transfer paper. Texart Transfer Paper is a uniformly coated 95 gsm paper designed specifically for dye-sublimation and use with the RT-640. It has excellent ink absorption, a quick drying time, and extremely high ink release during sublimation. The RT-640 and Texart Transfer Paper work together to produce high-resolution images, vibrant colours, and razor-sharp text while saving money on ink.

Remote controlled sublimation

Remotely manage your RT-640 dye-sublimation transfer printer from your tablet or smartphone. The Roland DG Printer Assist app, which is available for free download from the iTunes App Store, allows users to manage production from virtually any location. Checks and interactive documentation of the amount of ink remaining and waste bottle status, Roland DG Printer Assist notification of consumable part replacement, managing test printing and machine cleaning, and power on/off controls are among the main features of this incredibly useful and convenient tool.


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