Xerox Versalink C8000W 45PPM Color Laser Printer With White Toner


Xerox Versalink C8000W Color Laser Printer, 45PPM With White Toner

The Xerox VersaLink C8000W Color Laser Printer is designed for use in print shops and other similar settings. It is intended for white printing and can be used for window decals, signage, wedding invitations, restaurant menus, banners, envelopes, and many other things. It has 1200 x 2400 dpi resolution white toners. Its design supports white toner operations by including an integrated graphics controller, built-in color tables, and Mac and Windows drivers.

  • Color Printing with White
  • Optimized for White Toner Workflows
  • Use for Signage, Menus, Banners & More
  • 1200 x 2400 dpi Resolution
  • Duplex Printing
  • ConnectKey Security Technology


Xerox Versalink C8000W Color Laser Printer

    The VersaLink C8000W Color Printer with white toner allows you to provide differentiated prints to your customers, helping them stand out from the competition. VersaLink C8000W Color Printer helps you stand out from the crowd by printing with white toner to highlight text and making traditional CMYK images visible on dark media. This allows you to print more professional-looking documents that are sure to catch people's attention. The C8000W Color Printer gives you an advantage with its small footprint and low price point for such a powerful addition to any designer's toolkit.

    The Printer That’s Not Afraid Of The Dark

    The VersaLink C8000W Color Printer is supplied with everything you need to support white toner workflows; an integral graphics controller, Mac and Windows drivers, and built-in color tables.

    The technology used in VersaLink C8000W Color Printer is White plus Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow, with White being applied to the media first. This delivers impressive results when you print on a range of dark media. For example, white text on dark media brings out the highest quality of print output. Similarly, printing CMYK images on dark media using White as an underlay lets the colors pop out with stunning quality, opening a world of print possibilities on media never used before.

    The Opening Up A Window Of Opportunity

    When it comes to window signage, printing colors on transparent media without a white underlay makes the output look dull and unreadable. But with VersaLink® C8000W Color Printer, you can now print white underneath the CMY toners. This will make the colors look stunning and allow you to print and display professional-grade images on windows and capture your customers’ attention.

    Get Creative Do More And Earn More

    Open your print shop to new and existing customers offering new ways of differentiation for their print. Be it wedding invitations, restaurant menus, or banners–print them all, make them look spectacular, and impress your customers with the use of media not available to you before. This boosts the range of services that you can offer to your customers and opens up more revenue streams for your business.

    Add Awesome Style And Superior Quality To Your Output

    The VersaLink C8000W Color Printer can be used to enhance the prints for any business from adding eye–popping window signage, to incredible bright images on specialty media for delivering your messages in a more professional and impactful way.

    • Dark and colored media printing
    • Dark and colored envelope printing
    • Window signs, decals, and labels


    The VersaLink C8000W Color Printer is designed for a variety of users – general office suite users, designers, and others who may not have the required skills in advanced graphics software.

    White Text And Graphics For Office Suite User

    Use the supplied Windows and Mac driver to select up to 12 media colors and print to the device from your normal Microsoft Applications. Select a white font color, and you are done. For example, create a white text menu on dark media for professional-grade image output to set your customer’s restaurant apart from the competition.

    Full Graphics White Toner For All Users

    With the use of optional software like BiancoDigitale, users can easily import PDFs, Photoshop files, or bitmap graphics like a JPEG or BMP, and quickly create output for the VersaLink® C8000W Color Printer featuring white toner. Select the media color you want to use, and the software will automatically transpose any black toner to white and automatically apply white as an underlay to your CMYK images. The output is customized for each media color, and thus, incredible print quality is delivered quickly and easily without the need to be a designer.


    Designers using the Adobe suite will delight in being able to take full advantage of today’s new and innovative dark and colored papers, envelopes, and synthetic substrates. Other devices can only print on basic white paper and media, whereas the VersaLink C8000W Color Printer opens this whole new world of media. Designing an image with ‘white in mind’, and by incorporating some simple design techniques, the VersaLink C8000W Color Printer will automatically apply white as an underlay to give stunning results on your chosen media.


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