$75/Month Ricoh MP 3555 Black and White Multifunction Laser Printer/Copier Color Scanner 11X17, 12x18 | Print Upto 35PPM


Lease to Own $75/Month 

Ricoh MP 3555 Black and White Multifunction Laser Printer/Copier Color Scanner 11X17, 12x18 | Print Upto 35PPM

Use the RICOH MP 3555 to simplify everyday office tasks and move information to the people who need it most, in the format they prefer. Print and copy important business-class presentations and proposals and choose between multiple internal and external finishers for a professional, polished look. Scan full-color images, brochures, and other forms and distribute them instantly. With the same pinch-and-flick and scrolling gestures you use on your smartphone or tablet, you can access critical information, set shortcuts, and distribute information from the advanced 10.1"-wide Super VGA Smart Operation Panel. Or, connect remotely and work on the go. Take advantage of advanced security controls to help protect your data wherever it goes, from wherever you are.

* Main Standard Features: A3, A4, Letter, Legal, 11x17, 12x18
* 79 ipm Scan, 35 ppm Print, Copy, Scan, Duplex, Scan 2 emails +
* 10.1" Smart Operation Panel iPad Style.
* 200x1200 dpi max print resolution
* Print up to 35 prints/copies per minute for productive black-and-white output
* Use intuitive touchscreen controls to copy, print, scan, and fax quickly
* Create your own workflows with shortcuts to simplify tasks
* Access, print, and distribute information from your personal mobile device
* Minimize energy costs via a wide range of innovative eco-friendly features
* Simplify sorting and stapling tasks with compact internal and high-output external finishers


Use one-touch controls on the MP 3555 to print black-and-white notes, reports, presentations, and more at up to 35 pages per minute (ppm). Use the 220-Sheet Single Pass Document Feeder (SPDF) to scan black-and-white or full-color originals and distribute them digitally in an instant. Store up to 3,000 files on the embedded Document Server. Grab the one you need and print or send it immediately with fewer steps to save time. Add paper trays and expand the total paper capacity to 4,700 sheets to minimize interruptions.

Work whenever, wherever

A great idea can come out of nowhere. The key is being able to send it somewhere. Simply download the RICOH Smart Device Connector app on your Android or iOS devices to share information and print without printer setup configurations or utilities. Connect your Android and iOS devices with the MFP via Bluetooth (BLE), or Android devices using the Near Field Communication (NFC) tag. Grab information directly from cloud storage applications, such as Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox, and print it using the RICOH Smart Device Connector app. Plus, you can now print emails and attachments with the latest version (v3.0) of the app. Scan originals at the MFP and send them to your personal device or directly to cloud storage, so you can access or distribute them digitally at your convenience. Printing from AirPrint® is also available.

Compel with quality

It’s not a good look when your message goes unnoticed. Use the MP 3555 to impress audiences with sharp images and precise text at up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution in PC, Mac, or Linux. Find important details and make changes quickly in fewer steps with the icon-driven drivers. For customers that require more complex workflows, these new devices now include standard PostScript to help improve productivity. With the 1.46 GHz Intel® based controller, you can handle your most complex printing and scanning tasks. Print on a wide range of paper types, from envelopes to cardstock to 11" x 17" sizes. Give output a new feel with thicker stocks up to 300 g/m2. You can even create an easy-to-see poster from one of your current documents.

Speed up your workflow

Get in touch with productivity

Designed with RICOH Workstyle Innovation Technology, the customizable 10.1"-wide Smart Operation Panel uses your familiarity with today’s touchscreen devices to provide a more intuitive user experience. Find the critical information you need quickly with the same pinch-and-flick, swipe-scrolling, and drag-and-drop gestures you use on your smartphone or tablet. All hard keys have been removed and information is displayed via easily identifiable icons in a grid-like interface. Customize the user interface with specific icons for important settings and features that you use regularly and perform specific tasks with a single touch. The MFP includes a web browser, so you can also print web pages, images and documents found online as PDFs.

Use shortcuts to move ahead quickly

You know what you have to do. Now, you know how to do it faster. Customize your own automated workflows on the Smart Operation Panel and reduce repetitive manual steps that can impede the flow of information. Download easy-to-use workflow apps from the RICOH Application Site to add specific features or single-function capabilities to simplify how you perform everyday tasks. For example, you can download the Conference Concierge app for step-by-step instructions on how to create supporting materials in the right format for your next big event. Download the ID Card Scan & Copy app to scan two-sided originals onto one side of a sheet of paper. You can even download the How-to Videos app for quick, convenient tutorials to expedite troubleshooting and customization tasks.

Integrate with fast, easy workflows

Your office does everything. But does everyone know how to do it? Simplify even the most complex tasks by integrating the MP 3555 with Ricoh and third-party workflow software. Automate document management workflows, improve printer security controls, track costs, issue chargebacks, and much more. For example, you might handle hundreds of paper documents every day. Use RICOH GlobalScan™ NX to reduce manual touchpoints, so you can convert them into digital files and route them around the globe in only moments. You can even use device management software, such as RICOH Streamline NX, for centralized one-source control to expedite document management tasks for your entire fleet.

Turn your best ideas into immediate action

Scan and share critical information

Make real productivity gains in real-time with a wide range of scanning capabilities. Convert hardcopy documents and images into digital PDF, JPG, or TIFF files and share them instantly via multiple Scan-to capabilities. Even your most complex and graphics-intensive files can be compressed, so you can send them without delays or image degradation. With optional Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning, you can create PDF files that can be searched for by keywords. Use Distributed Scan Management (DSM) to simplify scanning for your entire organization. Set user permissions, assign rules, and customize delivery preferences to automate and expedite everyday scanning tasks.

Cut your costs and environmental impact

Saving money should always be part of the plan. That’s why we designed the MP 3555 with a wide range of sustainable, eco-friendly features. It is ENERGY STAR certified and meets EPEAT Gold criteria to help reduce your environmental footprint. You can also schedule the MFP to power down when the office is empty and reduce paper costs with default duplex printing.

Keep tabs on your best people and ideas

A misplaced idea can turn into a missed opportunity. Protect information with a wide range of security controls. With user authentication, users have to log in to the MFP to gain access to information and controls. Have them enter a passcode, billing code, or swipe an ID card with the optional NFC or HID card readers. You can track each user and see what they print and distribute. With Locked Print, jobs are held until the user releases them via authentication. Worried about excessive printing? Set print quotas. Want to charge departments for print usage? Add optional accounting software, such as RICOH Device Manager NX Accounting, to issue chargebacks. The hard disk drive offers powerful encryption protection. The built-in DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) overwrites latent images remaining on the hard drive.


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