Off Lease Business Copiers

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As an owner of a start-up company or a small business, purchasing new machines may be out of your financial reach. However, there is an affordable option available, buying off lease business copiers. These machines do the job they are meant to do while also saving business owners a good chunk of money. This money is now available to put toward other business expenses.

Ever-Changing Technology

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, a number of businesses leasing copiers were equal to those buying a new one. Today, however, the percent of businesses leasing copiers have jumped to about 80%, schools, medical practices, and other such businesses lease their copiers. The reasoning for leasing increase is logical with ever changing technology. It is unknown when technology will come around making your machines obsolete. Therefore, many businesses find it best not to buy new copy machines, but rather they lease them.

Copiers Many Functions

A copier today is no longer just a copier. The only function these machines did in early times was to copy. However, with time, this has changed the copiers of today. They are one device with the ability to copy, print, fax, scan, along with other essential tasks an organization is in need of. Within a professional office, approximately 60% of managing documents are done by a copier. With many organizations attempting to go paperless in today’s business world, the multifunction copier has become an impressive technological tool. Today, these machines have become a computer which performs several tasks for managing documents within an organization.

Option of Buying Off Lease Business Copiers

If a business is able to fit leasing a copier in their budget, they are able to keep up with the latest technical advances. However, if the business is a start-up, small, or would rather operate with little debt, buying off lease business copiers is an ideal option. They would save money not only on leasing fees but on interest charges as well. Although leasing is not an actual debt, a business would be bound by its terms and therefore, the majority of business owners consider it the same as paying a debt.

Save About 50% with Off Lease Copiers

When a business buys a copier, they have the ability to use it in the way they please. There are no lease terms and limitations binding the function and use. Buying the latest off lease business copiers, a business owner can use for several years and sell without any worries of returning it to a leasing company. A new mid-range copier can cost in the range of $8,000 to $10,000. Businesses are able to save approximately 50% when purchasing off lease copiers.

With the amount of money, a business can save, the best option would be purchasing off lease business copiers for their organization.