Understanding the Difference Between New Copiers and Used Copiers

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Buying any type of machinery whether used or brand new can be a tall order. Having to make a choice between new copiers and used copiers can be tricky.  A copier machine regardless of the whether new or refurbished should be taken as a serious investment especially if you're buying it for office work.

If you intend to buy a number of them then economically it would be wise to consider looking into the refurbished copiers market. It is wise to make an informed decision before investing in a copier machine.

New and used copiers advantages and disadvantages.

New copiers are basically self-explanatory; they are what's in the market and have never been used. On the other hand, used copiers have already been used and can be classified  in three groups which include;

Lease return

Basically, these are copiers that are a few years old but have been under a maintenance contract. They may not have the latest features or accessories but come with cheaper costs.

Discontinued showroom models

These copiers are machines that have been replaced with newer models by their manufacturers. Their advantages are that, they are relatively new and have been subjected to very minimal wear and tear.


These are copiers that have been taken back from their customers, dismantled and cleaned thoroughly and rebuilt using new and better functioning parts. Through this, a machine can get a technology update.

Here are some of the other ways to differentiate between new copiers and used copiers.


New copiers might have brand new technology and are compatible with the latest accessories. They also have not been exposed to wear and tear because of use, however; they may be very costly and often depreciates once taken from the store. On the other hand, a used copier can cost up to 50% or less than a factory's new model and still function the same way a new one would. This gives you the chance to work with a flexible budget.


When considering between new copiers and used copiers, the kind of purpose the machine serves in regards to your copying needs is another thing to look out for. Buying new copiers ensures that you get the latest technology and added features. This is best especially for companies that need equipment that are technologically up to date considering how fast technology is advancing.

Used copiers are a good fit for companies that don't need technologically updated machines — in other words, if your company is looking for a copier that does basic copying job, then a refurbished copier is a good way to go.

Ability to Negotiation Price

New copiers might not have the room for price negotiation and one might feel the pressure to buy them even now and then. However, used copiers give you that option of negotiating price hence ensuring you get the best deal out if it and one that you're comfortable with.

It is important to know the value in the copier you are getting for both new copiers and used copiers. A copier dealer in Toronto is the best suited when it comes to getting the right information between the two. Contact us today for the lowest copier prices in Toronto - Call for same day quote! (905) 326-2790