$189/Month Xerox 770 Digital Color Press Production Print Shop Printer Copier


Xerox 770 Digital Color Press Production Print Shop Printer Copier

The Xerox 770 Digital Colour Presses offer a wide spectrum of
robust capabilities that can help your business expand its creativity, productivity –
and profitability – in the digital print world.

Taking the next step into digital production printing doesn’t come without first asking yourself some important questions: Can having more options lead to bigger and more profitable jobs for your customers? Can quality automation streamline your production time and reduce costs? Do your customers demand improved colour and image quality? How much of your business is heavyweight stock? The Xerox 770 Digital Colour Presses can provide all the right answers – so you can move forward with your business.

Two superior choices from one powerful digital press family

The Xerox 770 Digital Colour Presses deliver the capabilities you need to capture your share of the explosive growth in digital colour printing – outstanding image quality, excellent performance, complete versatility, effortless productivity and day-in, day-out reliability. Both are powerful performers designed with a common focus: to put superior colour, productivity and value well within your reach – so you can delight your customers and grow your business.

Creative options and outstanding value to get your foot in the door of digital printing.

The Xerox 770 Digital Colour Presses are truly the newest, most flexible, small footprint, production-capable printers that make it easy to get started in digital production printing. With their speed, paper handling and inline finishing capabilities, the Xerox 770 put a wide range of high-value applications within your reach. Best of all, they offer excellent value for your money in the short term – and a solid return on your investment down the road. Certainly, a step in the right direction as far as savings are concerned.

Exciting new applications – easily finished

The Xerox 770’s finishing options greatly expand the range of applications you can finish inline. Produce high-value applications including face-trimmed saddle-stitched booklets, catalogues, punched documents, square-folded and trimmed manuals, tri-fold brochures and variable print postcards, direct mail, photo speciality products and more.

Produce vibrant images with smooth sweeps that command – and hold – attention.

Our Xerox “low melt” EA (Emulsion Aggregation) toner technology uses no fuser oil, giving all your applications a smooth offset like finish. Chemically grown, its small, consistent particles produce great quality with less toner, for smooth transitions. Advanced Xerox colour management technology with closed-loop process controls enables vivid and consistent colour rendition.

Accurate colour – print after print

The Xerox 770 Digital Colour Presses are recognised for outstanding colour quality with Fogra certification as well as being licensed by PANTONE for spot colour matching to the PANTONE Matching System, PANTONE Goe and PANTONE PLUS.

Run heavyweight stocks with ease.

Automatic duplexing on heavyweight stocks up to 300 gsm means more productivity and more flexibility to take on demanding jobs without manual intervention. Xerox 770 print the same exceptional image quality across heavyweight and lighter weight stocks so you can be confident that prints look the way you want them.

Copying and scanning increases your flexibility and productivity

Simplified automated copying and scanning through the Duplex Automatic Document Feeder is another capability that makes the 700 families a complete printing solution. Automated duplex copying and scanning at a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi and printing at 2400 x 2400 dpi delivers great colour with ease – all at speeds up to a brisk 70 ppm. The scanner also gives you a variety of scanning options including scan-to-file PDF. It can even handle larger paper sizes up to A3, saving you the time and effort of multiple scans for a single oversize document or image.

Count on a heavyweight performer for maximum print speed for all media weights.

As you move into higher monthly print volumes and heavier weighted paper stocks, the Xerox 770 Digital Colour Press can move with you. Automated duplexing of stocks up to 300 gsm expands your creativity without slowing your productivity. Do more great work faster, leveraging maximum print speed with excellent print quality

Colour it “smart.”

At the heart of the Xerox 770 and our image, quality enhancements tool is the inline spectrophotometer. It’s truly the workhorse of the Xerox 770, enhancing the power of our ACQS colour management tools to improve colour stability, accuracy and repeatability. And with the spectrophotometer placed strategically within the paper path, automated processes like colour calibration and destination profiling work seamlessly while streamlining workflow, boosting your productivity – and improving your bottom line.

Automated calibration delivers consistent colour.

Reduce time-consuming manual colour maintenance tasks and make them operator-initiated functions delivering exceptional image quality consistently. By generating the colour patches on the target media and automating the spectral readings we reduce idle printer time and deliver consistent colour on every page and on every job. By streamlining calibration tasks, we help reduce non-productive printer time and facilitate quick, on-time job turnaround.

Transform more time into production.

The Xerox 770 features Automated Colour Quality Suite (ACQS) with its inline spectrophotometer that lets you be more productive, increase quality and consistency – and become an indispensable partner to your customers. It’s designed with built-in process automation to deliver colour accuracy and repeatability from job to job, operator to operator or across multiple devices quickly and easily while increasing productivity and available press time.

Advanced Destination Profiling – all at the touch of a button.

Colour critical applications such as direct mail campaigns, photos and more can require a high degree of colour accuracy and detail to create a pleasing appearance. The Xerox 770’s Advanced Destination Profiling capability allows you to automatically create a superior, custom ICC-Compliant Destination Profile while mapping RGB and CYMK source images to a desired press-like output. Emulate source colour spaces and produce more accurate colours. Advanced Destination Profiling can also render to industry colour standards, such as Fogra and GRACoL. The result? Faster and easier customer approvals help you turn jobs around quickly.


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