$195/Month Xerox Versant 2100 Press, Upto 350 GSM and 100 Images Per Minute


$195/Month. OR $10,900

Xerox Versant 2100 Press Digital Color Laser Production Printer with Upto 350 GSM and 100 Images Per Minute

  • SPEED B/W: 100 Pages Per Minute
  • RESOLUTION:  2400 x 2400 dpi
  • Super Power, up to 350 GSM and 100 Images per minute.


The Xerox Versant 2100 is newly engineered from the ground up with all the newest technology to consistently let you do more. How? At the top of the list is more automation, designed to make your work effortless, accurate and efficient. With the market’s shifting emphasis toward short runs and quick turnarounds, success comes through processing many more jobs in a shift and in a day than in the past. The key to helping you do it efficiently is automation.

The Versant 2100 Press is designed to let you answer those increased challenges as your customers ask for more. Because that is another thing that is consistent— business pressure isn’t going away. It promises to get more demanding every day. With the Versant 2100 Press, you can respond with more confidence. More performance. More quality. More flexibility. More results.

Performance. Quality. Flexibility. Solutions.

To some, less is more.

Depending on your circumstances and the unique demands of your business, you may be focused on less—less cost in your everyday operations. Removing costs is one of the keys to being viable, in any situation. With reduced costs, you can be more competitive in your own pricing and more immune to the ups and downs of the marketplace.

The Xerox® Versant® 2100 Press can help streamline your operation and make you more competitive and indispensable in a number of ways:

  • Less waste—print in exact quantities
  • Less downtime—Xerox® Connect Advantage means more press availability
  • Improved efficiency—fewer steps and less operator intervention
  • Reduced turnaround times—less trial and error means jobs are produced and in your customers’ hands more quickly
  • Automated workflow—reduced labor costs and more accurate output

To others, more is more.

Doing more than you did yesterday is an ideal way to differentiate your business and strengthen yourself against increased external competition and the eye of internal corporate cost-cutters. When you can offer your customers additional options in reaching their customers, you become a go-to option and an indispensable partner.

The Versant 2100 Press can help you expand your relevance through a unique combination of capabilities:

  • Outstanding performance—produce more in an hour, a shift and a day
  • Automated workflow—fewer touchpoints, less intervention and greater intelligence drive automation and shorten setup times
  • Optional Dual Advanced High Capacity Feeders for more pick points and uninterrupted production
  • Integrated communications—maximize the impact for each customer by augmenting digital print with multimedia publishing
  • Higher response rates—on printed pieces designed to motivate consumers
  • Higher quality—deliver even the most demanding marketing applications with a new level of quality in less time

We’re well versed in more of what matters to you.

We’re experienced in more of the things that make a difference in your business. Cost savings. Increased revenue. Greater productivity. We are able to speak the language of your business because we live it every day. And that experience is built right into the Versant 2100 Press.

To tackle more pressure, you need more performance. Automation is the key.

Changes in the print marketplace have increased the challenges you face every day. Faster turnaround times. More competition. Price wars. Internal cost reductions. Online distribution. You simply can’t do business the same way anymore.

The very nature of the jobs you print has changed, in their complexity, their urgency, their personalization and in the frequency that they are printed. It all adds up to the need to process many more jobs in a day than you used to. That adds pressure on everyone throughout the print process from the salespeople who bring in the volume to the operators who produce the jobs.

It won’t be news to you that it means more pressure from beginning to end. More pressure to find jobs. More pressure to produce jobs.

But More Opportunity as Well

With the right tools, this new environment means greater opportunity. At the simplest level, it’s because not many in the industry have grasped what that change means, and what it needs.

It Means Automation

When you tap into this burgeoning demand for short runs, quick turnarounds and personalized print, and have the hundreds of jobs you need to print in a day to get a return on your investment, the sobering truth can settle in. Fifty to 100 or more jobs in a day simply can’t be produced using the same processes and equipment as in the past.

The Xerox® Versant® 2100 Press brings together automation from beginning to end to make it possible—and productive—to produce the greater number of smaller jobs that now characterize the print marketplace.

  • Automation that makes job setup faster
  • Automation that makes it easier to get outstanding, consistent color
  • Automation that opens up new areas of finishing versatility like automated inline punching for cost-effective booklet production

Powerful Workflow Choices

Your workflow is unique—a combination of the customers, the demands, the jobs, the equipment and the processes that are exclusive to your business. Because of that, we offer a choice of print servers that can be combined with a range of apps and solutions to provide a highly customizable workflow and create highly efficient results.

Xerox® FreeFlow® Print Server

This extremely fast, powerful and easy to use color server with Xerox® ConfidentColor Technology provides enhanced color management and on-demand digital production capabilities. Built-in features such as page-exception programming, job forwarding and customizable print queues make job management easier.

Automation delivers consistency and reliability.

Without automation, the increased flow of jobs to a digital press can become a bottleneck that reduces your productivity. So we built automation into important areas of the print production process to increase performance, quality and consistency.

Xerox® Stock Library Manager

Your ability to respond to your customers’ demands increases with the variety of stocks that you can run. And the Xerox® Versant® 2100 Press handles a wide range of media so you can produce an impressive range of jobs—coated and uncoated papers, bright papers, labels, business cards, glossy brochures, window decals, durable/synthetic papers, greeting cards, tabs, embossed, polyesters and custom solutions from 15 lb Bond to 130 lb Cover (52 to 350 gsm).

But a variety of different stocks have the potential to slow your performance if they aren’t handled efficiently. The Stock Library Manager simplifies the process of creating, managing and profiling stocks, so you can save time and count on consistent quality. And while it is simple to use, it provides unparalleled control over press features to maximize image quality on each unique stock you use.

Production Accurate Registration (PAR)

Xerox® Versant 2100 Press Production Accurate Registration, or PAR, delivers more performance by making precise image registration easier than ever—from page to page and from run to run.

The wide variety of stocks that customers ask for and the frequency you change from one to another can make it a challenge to assure precise registration and the level of quality your customers demand. In the past, addressing it was time-consuming and required a lot of operator attention and time. But that is no longer the case with the Versant 2100 Press’ industry-leading automation.

A combination of mechanical and optical sensors and controls ensure stable, accurate registration all along the paper path from the tray to the finisher. This means that you can offer more stock weights and more finishes such as synthetics, linen or felt while confidently maintaining the highest levels of image quality.


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