$209/Month Roland METAZA MPX-95 High-Resolution Photo Impact Printer | Engraving Machine With Gift Kit


Roland METAZA MPX-95 High-Resolution Photo Impact Printer | Engraving Machine With Gift Kit

Perfect for gift personalization or medical and industrial part marking, the new METAZA MPX-95 photo impact printer is a cost-effective, easy-to-operate device that anyone can use to mark gold, steel, silver and titanium.

High-speed marking with Roland’s dot impact technology

The MPX-95’ s durable diamond-tipped stylus directly imprints on titanium, stainless steel, platinum, silver, gold and other hard metals. Engineered for speed and precision, the MPX-95 can quickly imprint a 2D code with 26 characters inside an area as small as one square millimetre.* The MPX-95 does not burn or remove material on impact, so generates no odour or debris and leaves the marked area protected from corrosion and oxidation.

Gift Personalization Kit Includes:

Center Vise with Clamp Pins

Uniquely position different-sized clamp-pins to hold irregular shaped items. The adaptable clamp-pin set-up supports repeat personalization of dog tags, jewelry, and cylindrical items like tankards and urns.

Center Vise

When imprinting onto many different items in succession, the fixed center vise allows for quick set-up and personalization of items.

Head Caps

For attaching to the MPX-95's head unit when imprinting onto curved and flat surfaces, thirty rounded and ten head caps are included in the DPM Kit.

Set up is easy with the included vice and built-in laser pointer

With the MPX-95 no special training is required. The included METAZAStudio software instantly converts numerical data to 2D DataMatrix barcodes that meet GS1 and other 2D DataMatrix formats, including QR codes. For fast set up and accurate results, simply secure the item to be marked in the multi-purpose vice and use the built-in laser pointer to locate the centre of the material to be marked. When compared with other DPM technologies, the MPX-95’s ease of use, compact footprint and energy-efficient design make it the ideal solution for small office or lab environments.

Dedicated software marks 2D DataMatrix barcodes, text and logos to identify or brand devices 

The included METAZAStudio software features a 2D DataMatrix barcode generator. To create a unique barcode,simply select the barcode icon from METAZAStudio's main screen and enter the appropriate UDI numbers. The software does the rest, creating a 2D DataMatrix barcode which can then be imprinted. METAZAStudio also imports CSV spreadsheet files for variable data printing. This allows you to quickly and easily add a unique 2D DataMatrix barcode to individual devices in a series. Support for jpg, bmp and Adobe Illustrator 8 file formats enables you to import logos and other custom branding elements.

Mark instruments and objects in a wide range of shapes and sizes

For even greater versatility, the base plate and base unit can be removed for imprinting onto much larger medical tools, devices and industrial equipment. The MPX-95 DPM solution also includes a medical sliding vice with flexible over-grip to secure surgical instruments and other industrial components and a sliding centre vice, all enabling users to effectively mark onto intricately shaped surgical equipment, machinery and tools.

Highest Standard of Quality, Reliability and Support

A one-year manufacturer’s warranty and industry-best customer service ensures that your device is always up-and-running. Roland DG's international ISO certifications are your assurance of our commitment to quality products and service.



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