$249/Month KIP 770 36" Mono Wide Format Multifunction Production Printer (Print/Copy/Scan) With B&W/color scanner And Flexible Output - High Demand Productivity


Lease For Only $249/Month

KIP 770 36" Mono Wide Format Multifunction Production Printer (Print/Copy/Scan) With B&W/color scanner And Flexible Output - High Demand Productivity

The consistent print speed and low cost of operation, compared to inkjet devices, make the KIP 770 the ideal solution for organizations requiring increased productivity and better bottom line results. The KIP 770 is the ideal partner for decentralized workgroups thanks to its exceptionally small footprint, which makes it possible to place it in almost any workspace. The KIP 770 offers robust multi-function features in an eco2-friendly design that is simple to use, and it also offers the choice of scanning in colour to various networks, mailboxes, and cloud locations. Almost any standard print size can be accommodated by the KIP 770 when the optional cut sheet paper tray is added.

Providing flexible output for users of all stripes is the KIP 770 multifunction production printer, copier, and scanner system. It offers wide-format production printing with integrated top stacking and walk-up operational convenience.

- Environmentally friendly design is Energy Start Qualified
An integrated USB port makes it easy to view and print
documents stored on USB drives
PC and web-based viewing and printing


The KIP 770 is the best-built wide format multi-function system in its class, establishing new benchmarks for professional quality at ground-breaking prices and levels of performance. The KIP 770's small size allows for front touchscreen access, simple paper loading, and original and print delivery. The paper tray expands the range of print sizes that can be produced without switching rolls to up to 18" x 24" / 420 mm x 594 mm. The KIP 770 is the highest value wide format Multi-Function system in the world. It sets new standards for professional quality at a breakthrough value/ performance level.

 Smart Multi-Touch Control

- 12” Smart Multi-Touch Display
Touch Simplicity: Swipe, Rotate, Pinch, Spread 
Intuitive, Tablet Style Touch Controls
Uniform Operations for Improved Experience
Walk-Up Operator Convenience
High Demand Productivity
View and Print Area of Interest

    System Features

    - Single footprint configuration
    - Colour touch controls
    - The front print delivery system
    1 integrated media roll
    3 ‘D’ size prints per minute
    600 X 1800 dpi printing
    High-definition print technology
    Print from & scan to the cloud
    CIS scanning technology - with Real-Time Thresholding Technology
    Smart eco2 design

    Integrated USB Drives

    KIP 770 systems eliminate the need for additional PC hardware by printing documents directly from the touchscreen software. Integrated support for removable media such as standard USB drives provides the ability to securely print documents directly from a range of media formats.


    Paper tray for standard sizes up to 18” x 24”/420 mm x 594 mm extends the range of print sizes that can be produced without switching rolls.

    KIP Touchscreen Technical Interface

    The KIP Touchscreen Technical Interface is a comprehensive program for the control of KIP Systems, Installation & Technical Support.

    The touch intuitive and versatile interface includes mode tiling which simplifies the technical experience and management of the KIP System.

    - Integrated with KIP Color plus Black & White Systems
    - Manage and Modify Printer Functions and Settings
    Review Printer Status and Operational History

    KIP Custom Media Manager

    The KIP Custom Media Manager is a graphic user interface that allows the operator to identify and customize names to a wide range of media types and customize names to a wide range of media types and the KIP system's specification

    - Integrated with KIP Color plus Black & White Systems
    Automatically Adjust Systems Parameters
    Descriptive Media Categories


    KIP 770 Integrated CIS Scanning System

    The KIP 770 integrated large format scanner is a 24-bit, 36” / 914 mm wide full-colour image capture system perfect for processing photographs, complex maps, and AEC/CAD drawings. The CIS (Contact Image Sensor) scanning technology enables high-resolution, high-speed image capture with energy-saving operation from a compact design.

    System Features:

    - Scan to a wide range of file formats
    Real-time copy and scan previews
    USB printing and scanning support
    On-screen copy, print & scan previews


    High Definition Print (HDP) Technology

    KIP HDP is a green technology that is 100% toner efficient, reducing the cost of printing and returning outstanding value and industry-leading low cost of ownership. KIP Systems do not employ carriers, developers, or waste receptacles that require disposal and replacement.

    Media Capacity

    The automated paper loading of the KIP 770 accepts up to a 500-foot roll of media (2”/52 mm or 3”/76 mm core) up to 36”/914 mm wide.

    600 x 1800 dpi – High Resolution

    KIP Systems feature crisp, 600 x 1800 dpi printing for sharper details and extremely smooth grayscales. This higher resolution allows the system to enhance curves, diagonal lines, and arcs by smoothing outline edges with excellent precision.

    Consistent Print Quality

    KIP Systems deliver solid blacks, smooth grayscale, and uniform print quality from the first to the last page of a print job. Advanced technologies including automatic environmental adjustments and contact-based developer units keep your print quality on track through seasonal climate changes.

    Accurate Print Sets

    KIP Systems provide precise cut lengths that conform to KIP sheet size specifications. Electronic monitoring of media while printing provides an accurate page cut length. Print jobs are produced at an identical sheet size, resulting in a professional presentation.


    The compact design of the KIP 770 provides front access to the touchscreen, auto roll paper loading, system operation & copy/print delivery.


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