$99/Month Canon imagePRESS C700 Color Laser Multifunction Printer Copier For Office | Digital Color Production Printer


Canon imagePRESS C700 Color Laser Multifunction Printer Copier For Office | Digital Color Production Printer

(Simplex / Duplex): C800: Up to 80 ipm
2400 x 2400 dpi print resolution
Automatic Duplex/Perfect, Any Supported Stock
Flexible finishing capabilities 


                      Maximize your productivity with the new Canon High-Capacity Stacker. This holds up to 6,000 precisely stacked sheets, and with unload-while-run, your stacking capabilities are virtually limitless.

                      Adding a high-capacity stacker to your engine configuration provides dependable, unattended printing for longer runs. The High-Capacity Stacker-G1 has virtually unlimited stacking capability. The unload-while run feature helps optimize productivity by enabling the stacker to be unloaded while the printer is still running.

                      • Offers the option of precise straight or offset stacking
                      • Increased productivity as a result of the unload-while-run capability
                      • Easy transport to offline finishing equipment
                      • Connectivity and two-way communication with third-party finishers

                      Stacking Features

                      • Precise offset and straight stacking
                      • Unload-while-run capability
                      • Supports hole-punched and tabbed documents
                      • Mixed-format stacking
                      • Stacks sheets up to 13" x 19.2"
                      • Handles up to 120 lb. Cover (325 gsm) media

                      Key Benefits

                      • Helps maximize productivity with unload-while-run capability
                      • Increases staff productivity with reliable, unattended printing and stacking
                      • Offers more in-line finishing options with DFD interface to third-party finishers
                      • Easy transportation to offline finishing equipment

                      Supported Finishing Heights

                      The stacker can be set at two different output heights:

                      1. Default output height to support downstream Canon finishers
                      2. DFD output height (1002 mm) to support third-party finishers

                      Eject Mode

                      1. Manual Eject: Users can eject the stacking tray at any time during a run.

                      2. Automatic Eject: System will eject when the stacker is full or at end of the job.

                      SMALL SIZE HUGE CAPABILITY

                      The imagePRESS C700 has been developed as a compact and scalable platform. Within its small footprint, you have innovative technologies that deliver outstanding image quality and productivity together with scalable finishing to meet the requirements of any print room.

                      Wide range of applications The most outstanding and eyecatching applications depend on creativity and the quality of the material used for the job. The imagePRESS 700 has been designed to provide you with outstanding performance and impressive media handling with the ability to print on a broad range of stocks. Lightweight to heavyweight, coated, uncoated, synthetic, films, transparencies, recycled, textured, embossed, linen, tabs, labels, envelopes - the choice of stocks is almost limitless. Thanks to its Elastic Intermediate Transfer Belt - which increases toner transfer efficiency, including on textured or recycled paper - the imagePRESS C700 can handle heavyweight stocks and produce extensive applications ranging from leaflets to the highest-quality brochures and other marketing communications that will give your customers the impact they desire.

                      Advanced feeding technology

                      The imagePRESS C700 features a new Multi-Drawer Paper Deck with enhanced air separation technology and optimum roller pressure, providing the ability to handle a wide variety of media without misfeeds. This new technology can blow air at different velocities based on the type and weight of the paper, virtually eliminating paper jams and significantly increasing your print room’s efficiency and productivity. It allows you to meet your production deadlines with confidence.

                      Comprehensive media library

                      An extensive paper database lists standard and custom paper types, each with the appropriate settings to optimize image quality. The result is unsurpassed print quality with the right level of gloss to match the stock.

                      Extensive finishing capabilities

                      A comprehensive choice of automated in-line finishing capabilities ensures excellent end-to-end productivity. It provides you with the opportunity to offer a broader array of print applications with minimal manual intervention - helping you save time and money on every single job.

                      Options available include:

                      • Booklet maker with three-knife trimming
                      • In-line perfect binder
                      • Professional punch unit
                      • Folding unit
                      • High capacity stacker
                      • Insertion unit

                      For maximum flexibility, the imagePRESS C800/C700 is also compatible with a wide range of third-party in-line finishing devices, which maximizes the opportunity of creating high-value applications that can translate into more revenue for your business.

                      When choosing a new press, you’re also choosing a partner for your business - one you need to rely on and trust.

                      Canon is here to support you now and into the future with intensive R&D into production printing technology, great service, and innovative finance plans designed specifically to address the needs of the industry.

                      Outstanding reliability

                      The imagePRESS C700 delivers reliable performance, job after job and year after year. Built to last from robust and durable components and featuring a range of extensively new and proven technologies that deliver outstanding day-to-day reliability. You can rely on the imagePRESS C700 to handle the toughest jobs and the shortest deadlines.

                      Services and support

                      Our support services can help you deliver innovative, high-quality digital print services to your customers and optimize your workflows to maximize production uptime, as well as help you raise the profile and profitability of your business.

                      Flexible finance options

                      For over 26 years Canon Finance has been developing innovative solutions to maximize your cash flow and make production cost budgeting easy so that you can know the profit of every job.

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