$75/Month Ricoh MP 4054 Monochrome Multifunction Laser Printer Copier Scanner 11X17, 12x18 For Office


Ricoh MP 4054 Monochrome Multifunction Laser Printer Copier Scanner 11X17, 12x18 For Office

With the RICOH MP 4054, you can produce and share your best ideas with more people in more locations. Whether you need to print important documents and fax them to a client, scan an invoice to your mailbox, or simply copy notes from a morning meeting, you can move information quickly and intuitively from this multifunction device. Create shortcuts for frequent tasks to save time. Use your smartphone to print documents whether you’re at your desk, down the hall, or out of the office. Take advantage of user authentication tools to ensure key information gets to the right people. You can even monitor user activity and energy consumption remotely, so you know if you’re making the right decisions along the way.

  • Print up to 60 black-and-white prints/copies per minute
  • Use mobile printing to produce documents from anywhere
  • Perform more everyday tasks using less space
  • Protect documents and intellectual property with user authentication
  • Minimize operating costs with energy-saving features


    Leverage your information to do more

    Make the most of your documents when you share them simply and rapidly using the RICOH MP 4054 Black and White Laser Multifunction Printer (MFP). A sleek design, compact footprint, and laser printing capabilities make the MP 4054 a great fit for busy midsize workspaces — while offering capable solutions to copy, scan, share and fax your information.

    Boost your document handling power

    Move quickly through your everyday tasks with print speeds of up to 40 pages per minute (ppm), and enjoy crisp print resolutions of up to 1200 dpi. Convert paper documents into digital files with a standard 220-sheet Single Pass Document Feeder (SPDF), and scan up to 180 color or black-and-white images per minute (ipm). Plus, reduce paper refills when you configure the MP 4054 to accommodate a maximum paper capacity of 4,700 pages.

    Work faster, make better decisions 

    How quickly can you get information in the hands of those who need it the most? Use the Ricoh MP 4054 to transition from one job to the next with ease. With recovery from sleep mode in only 4.9 seconds, you can start moving information almost as soon as you think of it. Use the intuitive, one-touch controls to produce up to 60 black-and-white pages per minute on a wide range of media. Convert paper documents into digital format for faster retrieval and distribution with the standard 220-Sheet Single Pass Document Feeder (SPDF), which scans up to 180 color or black-and-white images per minute. You can also use the optional OCR scanning feature to create PDF files that can be accessed simply by searching for keywords in the document.

    Work from more locations

    You never know where your workday will take you. Be ready for anything — from anywhere. Print directly to the Ricoh MP 4054 using Ricoh HotSpot Enterprise. Use your smartphone to connect to the MFP and print network documents at your convenience and save yourself a long trek back to your desk. You can also bring your work with you via a USB drive or SD card. Simply plug it into the networked MFP and print or scan documents right from the device. With the Ricoh Smart Device Connector app, you can copy, print, scan, and fax directly from your smart device. Simply touch your smart device to the NFC tag on the optional Smart Operation Panel or scan the QR Code to automatically connect to the MFP and access these functions.

    Minimize steps, maximize productivity

    Nobody knows your job better than you do — so you know how to make it better. With the Ricoh MP 4054, you can customize workflows to simplify how you work. Use icons on the Home Screen as shortcuts to frequently used tasks and skip repetitive steps with a single touch. Take advantage of embedded software like Ricoh GlobalScan® NX to scan and convert paper documents to digital files quickly so you gain easier access to important information across the enterprise. Add other third-party vendor solutions to simplify content management and other business-critical tasks so you can work with fewer manual touchpoints and minimize errors.

    Impress with high-quality documents

    Capture the attention of your audience with a wider range of professional-looking documents. It’s easy with the icon-driven, preset PCL6 interface driver. With a single click, you can produce eye-catching black-and-white documents at up to 1200 dpi. Print on more types of stocks, including thicker paper, sizes up to 11" x 17", and even envelopes from the standard tray. Plus, you can choose between several automated finishers for end-to-end document production with incredible quality in fewer steps.

    Simplify your workday with a wider range of capabilities

    Access key functions conveniently

    You use your smartphone or tablet every day because it’s convenient and keeps you connected. Now you can say the same about the MFP in your office. With the Ricoh MP 4054, you can simplify routine actions like printing, copying, scanning, and faxing with the same intuitive drag-and-drop, pinch-and-flick, and swipe scrolling you use on your personal devices. Navigate between key functions with ease via the optional 10.1" Wide Super VGA Smart Operation Panel. You’ll have fewer steps, so you can access and share information in only moments.

    Move information in more ways, from more places

    You have enough to do. Let us handle some of it for you. After all, our legacy includes finding fast, affordable ways to automate routine tasks to simplify the way you work. Need to grab an important document to share with an offsite client? Want to share newly captured information with people who may be away from the office? Use the optional Ricoh Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) solution to manage information in the Cloud — and be spared expensive servers, equipment, and maintenance. Visitors to your office can have the same convenience. They can send emails with attachments directly to the MFP for fast, easy printing without downloading print drivers.

    Protect what’s most important

    You have something in high demand — information. It’s important that you protect it to ensure it gets to the right people. With the Ricoh MP 4054, you can store documents on the device for safekeeping. Release them by swiping an authorized ID card at the optional card reader or by entering a passcode on the control panel. Add watermarks to documents and mask copy when unauthorized users try to duplicate them. You can also use PDF encryption to scramble data on confidential PDFs to keep information safe. Worried about the information you leave behind? With the DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS), images and data on the hard drive are rendered unreadable automatically.

    Discover an easier way to handle more types of jobs

    Improve collaboration with digital delivery

    You can’t predict when you’re going to get a great idea. But you can know exactly when the next person gets it. Send important information — including black-and-white or color images and documents — in PDF, TIFF, or JPEG formats via Scan-to-File/Folder/ URL/FTP/Email without wasting paper or time. You can compress larger or more complex graphics files and send them just as easily without compromising quality. When you need to send contracts, invoices, or other paper documents, use Internet Faxing, LAN Faxing, or IP Fax for fast delivery. You can even use the Ricoh MP 4054 as a conduit for remote faxing and minimize the need for additional phone lines and fax boards.

    Expedite everyday tasks

    You’re facing enough challenges. Your office MFP shouldn’t be your next one. On other systems, a single paper jam can derail productivity for an entire workgroup before the problem is even discovered. With the Ricoh MP 4054, you only need to follow the on-screen animation and LED guide (inside the MFP) and you can trace the source of the problem in moments. Reloading paper is just as easy. Expand capacity to 4,700 sheets with optional paper trays and print for extended runs without interruptions. In addition, you can automate meter reads, access system settings, streamline firmware updates, and more — all from the convenience of your desktop —  so you can spend more time on core, revenue-generating tasks.

    Conserve energy to reduce operating costs

    You’ll find just the opposite to be true with the Ricoh MP 4054. It offers low-cost-per-page and best-in-class typical electricity consumption (TEC) values so you can reduce costs while meeting your sustainability goals. With a shorter recovery time of less than 5 seconds from sleep mode, the Ricoh MP 4054 keeps up with today’s fast-paced business environment. You can program the device to power on or off during specified times to conserve energy for even greater savings. Plus, the device meets EPEAT Gold criteria — a global environmental rating system for electronic products — and is certified with the latest ENERGY STAR specifications.


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