$35/Month Xerox WorkCentre 5325 B/W Monochrome Multifunction Printer Copier Scanner, 11x17 For Office


Xerox WorkCentre 5325 B/W Monochrome Multifunction Printer Copier Scanner, 11x17 For Office

  • Copy, print, scan, fax, email
  • Print up to 11 x 17 in. / A3
  • Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi print resolution
  • Max paper capacity: 5,090 sheets


    The highly modular WorkCentre 5325 multifunction printer gives today’s fast-paced office environments a critical productivity advantage. The tasks you perform daily become more efficient, while intensive workplace processes are optimized with customizable workflow solutions that easily handle your unique business requirements.

    Reduce costs with superior workgroup efficiency

    With exceptional copier performance and the option of adding powerful printing, scanning, and faxing, the WorkCentre 5325 is built to perform at a consistently high level. Plus, multiple levels of cost-control capabilities let you easily manage expenses by limiting, tracking, and assigning costs.

    Faster results. Print and copy speeds of up to 25 ppm keep pace with even the busiest environments.

    Automated workflows. Save time and increase efficiency with convenient features that automate routine tasks. For example, Fax Forward to Email automatically sends your incoming faxes from the device directly to your computer’s email in-box.

    Powerful scanning. Improve the way you work with a host of scanning features, such as Scan to Folder, Network Scanning, Scan to Text-searchable PDF, and standard color scanning. Convert hard copies into digital files for automatic routing and archiving. Preview scans and documents stored on the device right on the color touch screen, and you can access documents faster with advanced file compression that dramatically shrinks file sizes.

    Walk-up simplicity. Scan to/print from USB functionality lets you print from and scan to a USB memory device for faster document delivery when you’re not at your computer.

    Limit and track usage. With Xerox Standard Accounting, administrators can set limits for individual users on the number of print, copy, scan, and fax jobs, and account for device activity at the user, group, or department level.

    Experience true multitasking. The WorkCentre 5325 lets users perform five tasks at once: RIP, receive, program ahead, process the queue, and transmit. This advanced capability lets you copy, print, scan, or fax even while other jobs are running.

    Total peace of mind 

    The WorkCentre 5325 features state-of-the-art technologies for optimized security at the device and on the network.

    Keep your documents safe at all times. With Secure Print, jobs are stored in a separate queue until the intended recipient chooses which jobs to release for printing. Plus, users can convert hard copies to secure digital files with the Scan to Password-protected PDF feature.

    Prevent unauthorized access. Powerful features such as standard network authentication, with available technologies like Secure Access Unified ID System and Common Access Card Enablement Kit, ensure only authorized users can access the device.

    Maintain information integrity. 256-bit hard disk encryption and overwrite uses the FIPS 140-2 standard to ensure your data stays secure.

    Stay secure. Sensitive data stays private over your network thanks to network authentication and encrypted email, plus built-in support for IPsec, 802.1X, and SNMPv3.0 — the latest security protocols.

    The right fit for every environment

    The space-saving WorkCentre 5325 benefits your office and the outside world, with cutting-edge engineering that delivers big reductions in energy consumption.

    Smaller footprint. Save valuable office space with a device that’s just the right fit.

    Quiet operation. The WorkCentre 5325 produces less noise, letting you keep the device close by for distraction-free convenience.

    Xerox technology advantages. Our EA Toner with low-melt technology achieves minimum fusing temperature at 68 degrees F (20 degrees C) less than conventional toner. Plus, our LED scanner consumes just one-third the power of traditional Xenon lamps. You get significant energy savings and brilliant, glossy output — even on ordinary paper.

    Standard duplexing. The WorkCentre 5325 comes with standard two-sided printing, helping you save paper and money.

    Xerox Workflow Solutions take your WorkCentre 5325 multifunction printer to a higher level of office optimization.

    Xerox Mobile Print Solution is just one of many personalized solutions you access right from the touch screen interface. Transform the way your organization gets vital work done with the power of Xerox Workflow Solutions. When people work efficiently, in less time, and with fewer steps, productivity goes up. Stress goes down. So do errors. Whether you have only a few people on your team or a very large workgroup, Xerox knows it’s about streamlining your workflow — and it starts by using Xerox Workflow Solutions right from your WorkCentre 5325 device.

    Xerox Mobile Print Solution

    With Xerox, being mobile has never been easier. Xerox makes mobile printing simpler and more convenient while keeping your business secure. That’s why we’re empowering today’s mobile professionals with the freedom to send print jobs from any email-enabled device.

    Flexibility with room to grow

    Choose a powerful tabloid-size copier and add printing, scanning, and faxing capabilities to optimize your workgroup’s productivity. As your work volume increases, WorkCentre 5325 is ready to expand to meet your business needs.


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