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5 Secrets Copier Manufacturers Don't Want You To Know

July 31, 2018

5 Secrets Copier Manufacturers Don't Want You To Know

5 Secrets Copier Manufacturers Don't Want You To Know

The copier business is about introducing new copiers. In most cases, a copier may likewise be upgraded or replaced at a producer's product line more often than annually, bypassing the hundreds and thousands of used copiers like utilized Xerox or Canon copiers publicly available on the open market. Why can the copier business do so, pushing new versions when there are lots of serviceable used copiers? We are going to address why these producers of monochrome and colour copiers do this at the rest of the article below.

1. Makers Do Not Make Money Used Copiers

The reality is, manufacturers just don't earn any money on used copiers. They may earn money from ink or toner cartridges for the machines that are used, but there's not any money for producers on the industry exchange of used copiers. This cuts to the company's bottom line, and that's the reason why producers are pleased to push newer versions instead to used copiers. Whether HP, Lexmark, Xerox, Brother, as well as Canon copiers, these producers do not earn money selling used copiers.

2. New Copiers Are Better Than Used Copiers

Beware the myth set forth by producers that new is always better. Oftentimes used copiers have capacities that closely fit newer variants, so don't be duped into purchasing new when you're able to buy perfectly serviceable used copiers. Technology moves quickly, but maybe not as quickly as the producers would lead one to think. Has toner and paper actually changed that much from the past 15 decades? Do you actually require a new copier?

3. Supplies Will Likely Cost More Than The New Copier

Canon imageRunner Advance C5051 Colour Copier, Scanner, PrinterIt is kind of an industry-wide secret that over time the typical company or customer will likely spend more on their own copier equipment than they will for their true copier. Your laser colour copier such as requires one to replace the drum, the magenta, yellow, cyan, and black toners separately. Additionally, you have got all types of moving components within the system, many manufactured from plastic, which only are not made to last for thousands and thousands of bicycles.

Instead of wasting money buying something new that is essentially a wear item, buy something that costs perhaps half as much, and just maintain what's necessary. Buying used copiers and maintaining strictly what is essential will save you a bundle!

4. The True Cost of a Copier Means Factoring In Upkeep

Producers do not want you to understand that copiers aren't designed to last forever, only because they earn more money selling new copiers, not by selling components. There's just more competition in this area. When this appears less than moral, this can be quite common practice.

One good guideline is to compute the replacement cost of your ink or toner cartridges, in addition to the expenses of replacing the drum along with some other essential supplies more than a two to three year period and compare involving producers. You will probably discover that a few versions make more sense to buy if you factor in the expense of upkeep!

5. New Copiers Lose Value the Moment They Are Purchased

Copiers, like automobiles, drop in value when purchased. Unless it is possible to return it to a dealer or into a shop and receive your cash back, then you are likely to be stuck using a copier which has depreciated by 25-50% the instant that you use it for the first time. That is the reason why buying used copiers or opting for copier leasing alternatives makes sense.

Canon imageRunner Advance C5235 Colour Copier Printer Scanner Finisher

Used copiers are already disregarded because of their used standing, and copier leasing makes sense as you're mostly paying for upkeep and rental of their device, without the hassle of disposing of it or determining when it is time to push a sizable amount of money to get a new copier. Copier leasing will help you've got one less thing to fret about!

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