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Know When It's Time To Replace A Copier

June 13, 2019

Know When It's Time To Replace A Copier

Know When It's Time To Replace A Copier

Time and technology transfer at a quicker speed than an older device can deal with. The outcome may be jeopardized productivity, data security and user accessibility.

How to Know When It Is Time To Replace A Copier

Take these factors into consideration when you're deciding if it's time to replace the copier in your office:


Older copier implies older parts, ones which are at higher risk for collapse. If you find that the "copier down; support needed" signal in your copier consistently, the dilemma isn't probably a deficiency of toner or paper.


It is typical for many companies to have employees on the street more frequently than they're at the workplace; using copiers which adapt those remote users is getting to be a priority. Many older systems are not able to use smartphone printing. Now's multifunction printers (MFPs) are all created for cloud-based "everywhere access" that leads to higher productivity. Together with the newest Xerox i-Series lineup of products users have access to some free internet program studio which may improve workflow by implementing the cloud for simple storage and access of scanned files.
Xerox Multifunction Colour Printer C8070

Information Security

Most users do not take into consideration the simple fact that everything published or reproduced remains, in electronic form, inside the copier or its applications. Older devices might not be equipped to offer advanced encryption, which protects information from external influences.


From inkjet printers with their expensive cartridges to redundant copiers that use up energy without providing much value, older equipment can be costly to keep. Newer copiers have been made around the efficient usage of toner and paper, and of course that the paperless world of electronic print/scan/share/shop functions. Some newer electronic systems comprise print controls which allow for constraints, for example, print in colour, by department or user.

Your ageing copier might be costing you even more than they are worth. While replacing your copier might seem to be an unnecessary cost, there are lots of advantages to transitioning into a newer copier. Over time you'll be able to save money, decrease the demand for upkeep and enhance productivity.