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4 Things to Know about Office Copier Lease

July 15, 2021

4 Things to Know about Office Copier Lease

In this highly competitive market, it can be challenging to run a business. It becomes even more complicated if you do not have the right equipment for it. A copier is an essential part of any business, and modern office copiers Toronto are far more multifunctional than what you used to have earlier. Whether you lease one copier or several of them simultaneously, it is one decision that you make and forget about for the next 3-5 years. But it is a financial commitment, and you need to ensure you are not stuck with a copier of no use. Once you have signed a copier lease, it should benefit your company. Here are some top suggestions you should know up-front to ensure you are making the right decision.

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Choose the Right Copier with the Perfect Lease

Most business owners give a lot of thought to the monthly payment they need to make but pick a copier just instantly without research. You need to select a copier or a printer that will meet the needs of your business. If you just need to scan, copy and print, purchasing a fully equipped copier is a waste of money. If you need printing in black-and-white about 99 percent of the time, you do not need to buy a colour copier for that 1 percent work. Determine your needs and the features you will use in a copier, and then pick a lease that suits you best. It is much easier to upgrade rather than downgrade a machine.


 Negotiate Your Copier Lease Agreement

Just like any other industry, you can negotiate on the price and the terms of your copier lease. Many companies are willing to customize the lease agreement to meet the needs of their clients. Before signing the lease, ensure the terms meet your business needs. Whether it is getting the lowest price toner and ink cartridges or reducing monthly print counts, you do not have to pay for additional features that you will never use.


Copier Lease is Different from Copier Rental

Most people think a copier lease is as same as an apartment lease or a house where it is more of a short-term agreement. However, a copier lease is more like a car lease where you are locked in for a few years, and you need to pay monthly payments to the company. Once you select a copier, all you have to do is sign a lease for the lowest price Toronto copier for your business.


Final Contract is Legally Binding

Once you enter into a lease agreement, you are obligated to pay a monthly payment to the company for the specified amount of time. In addition, you cannot back out of an agreement once you have signed it. Thus, it is crucial to know upfront what you are getting into and how long you plan to lease the copier. 

Ensure you ask questions to your provider and read the contract thoroughly before signing it. Most people skim on the terms and conditions, and it can cause a lot of hassles later on. So, pick a reputed copier lease provider to ensure you get good office printer sales Toronto and good customer service as well.