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Business Copier Leasing Toronto

February 23, 2017

Owning a copier may be a financial burden for most small businesses. Apart from maintenance fees and supply costs, coming up with initial capital to buy the copy machine may stretch operational budgets above and beyond profitable limitations. Business copier leasing in Toronto assists in easing the up-front financial investment and might offer numerous other appealing benefits. 

Business copier leasing in Toronto helps with capital

Small businesses rarely have unlimited capital to use at their disposal. Saving monetary resources for exploring opportunities for business and for buying items which appreciate over time is more critical than buying office technology which will lose value. Avoiding large purchases such as copiers will keep bank lines of credit obtainable for more substantial business needs. Leasing agreements might even involve the price of supplies, further decreasing the first-time payout. 


Leasing a copy machine may relieve concerns about the budget. Rather than making a single large payment during the time of purchase, to lease a copy machine sets up a set schedule of smaller payments, allowing you to make better arrangement for your financial resources. You even may select the terms and length of the lease agreement to provide the most payment flexibility. Also, changes in interest rates don’t affect the payment amounts that are established. 


Copy machine leasing offers a distinct tax advantage over purchasing copiers. If you purchase a copy machine, you might just deduct a machine's depreciation, which typically is 40% of the purchasing cost the initial year then 25% of the purchasing cost in subsequent years. But, if you lease a copy machine, the leasing payment is considered a pre-tax business cost, which means you may deduct the whole payment every time it is made. 


Copy machines depreciate over a period of time, losing value because of use and the consistent introduction of better, newer technology. If your company buys a copy machine, you may just upgrade your technology by investing in one other new machine. Also, you’d have to eliminate the prior model, and add to your time expenditures. Many copy machine lease agreements, in contrast, have choices to upgrade the copy machine at a pre-determined time. These types of lease arrangements allow your company to always be up to date with the latest office technology. Also, avoiding obsolescence will mean more effective copying as newer machines will have lower per page expenses. Effectiveness will translate to a higher return on the lease investment and increased profit. 

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