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Copier Leasing Toronto

March 16, 2017

As it’ll come time to lease a bigger office scanner, copier, or additional multifunction device…or maybe even more than one, you should understand the disadvantages and advantages of copier leasing in Toronto.

Deductible Expenses and Depreciating Assets of Copier leasing in Toronto

There’s a clear benefit to leasing as it’ll come to the depreciating asset of a massive machine (or for that matter, multiple larger machines). With leases, the whole copier lease payment will be immediately deductible and, as you do not really own the unit, it isn’t a depreciating asset. As you buy a printer, copier, scanner, or MFP, you must capitalize the model(s) as an asset then slowly depreciate them over time according to the correct depreciation schedule.

Assets versus Liabilities

Underneath the usual lease scenario, there isn’t any necessity to record future lease payments as a liability, which means that your company does not incur the extra liability of an extremely costly machine (or a series of machines). Typically, that is going to free more available credit up for using in maintaining or expanding your organization.

Less is More

Something which oftentimes gets overlooked with the lease versus buy comparison is that you often can lease a bigger unit than you might afford to buy outright. In most companies, it may lead to an increase in productivity, decreased downtime, and greater opportunities and efficiencies. Leasing will offer you the possibility of acquiring the use of a unit which you might otherwise not have the ability to afford or incorporate into your business operations.

Maintenance Woes Begone

Running a sophisticated copy machine isn’t any joke. The variety of opportunities for a complicated machine to present a technical problem is vast. As you certainly can entertain a service contract aside from a lease, there’s a symbiotic relationship in between the two in most cases. It might take on the form of a negotiated rate, or merely a situation in which a maintenance contract is almost always provided along with a leasing agreement—whether it’s rolled into one or separate. Here is the bottom line: the usage of a service contract is all but automatic with leasing options and less negotiable (as far as the “per click” rate is concerned) as you outright purchase a machine.

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