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December 30, 2021

Multifunction scanner printers are a revolution in the printing and print machine industry. Gone are those days when people used to access single-unit printers with the only capacity to deliver single functions. But now, with the evolving technology and superior engineering, it feels incredible to see how those same single unit copiers/printers can flexibly perform multiple operations with unbelievable efficiency and skill. 

However, a typical multifunction printer like RICOH full-size colour laser multifunction scanner copier can effortlessly perform maximum operations like printing, scanning, e-mail, fax, and photocopy. More interestingly, RICOH full-size color laser multifunction copiers are considered one of the most demanding Office Copiers Toronto that is roughly divided into four categories depending on its speed and functions: 

  • All-In-One Units: If you are looking for a small, compact desktop unit printer with a sleek design, all-in-one should be your priority! This printer cum scanner is specially designed for office/ home seat desk use is an eminent recommendation for close-knit places. 

  • Small Office/Home Office units: It is a specially designed copier for office use, which features smooth connectivity and a networking system through USB or parallel connection. It is more likely to show a more splendid fax capability, automatic document feeder, and faster output performance.

  • Production Printing MFP: If you plan to print heavily loaded printing, this type of printing machine fits perfectly the purpose. These copiers/printers are also known as digital presses or Print on Demand devices that feature high-quality prints, high speed, and highly state-of-the-art finishing functionality.

  • Office MFP: Another multifunction Lowest Price Toronto Copier is an office MFP printer. It is a mid-sized freestanding unit, well-equipped with various functions like fax, printing, copying, and scanning. This copier is a fully-featured multifunction printer featuring auxiliary finishing operations like hole punching, stapling, booklet creation, etc. 

What Makes Ricoh Full-Size Color Laser The Best Multifunctional Copiers/Printers?

RICOH full-size colour laser multifunctional delivers all-in-one convenience for home desk or office work. With incredible speed and ease to use, you can efficiently access and print an extensive volume of documents and photos. It's an MFP copier that is well-equipped with a built-in motion sensor and ready to work as soon as you are. 

Being one of the Lowest Price Office Copiers Canada, it efficiently can supply your heavy workflow with innovative technology. Whether you print vibrant photos, documents, cards, presentations, or brochures - your RICOH full-size colour laser multifunctional copier can print up to 20 to 30 pages per minute! 

The touchscreen allows you to perform and manage to print accurately and quickly. With the help of a wide range of innovative apps, you can simplify everyday workflow from faxing, copying, e-mail, printing, scanning, and more. 


A multifunctional copier such as RICOH full-size colour laser scanner printer can deliver comprehensive prints with complete efficiency at a speed of 20 outputs per minute. Improve the productivity of your printing machine with Lowest Price Toner and Ink Cartridges and make your printing experience pretty straightforward.