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Sharp MXC304W B/W And Color Multifunctional Printer (Print, Copy, Scan, Fax, File) With Touchscreen Display And Mobile Supports

January 29, 2022

Sharp MXC304W B/W And Color Multifunctional Printer (Print, Copy, Scan, Fax, File) With Touchscreen Display And Mobile Supports


Sharp MXC304W B/W and Colour Workgroup Document System

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The MX-C304W is designed to keep your valuable business information secure, but also enable flexible workflows –providing exceptional ease-of-use, simple connectivity and effortless mobility to optimise workforce efficiency.

  • Print, Copy, Scan, Fax, File
  • Pages per minute: 30 B/W, 30 Colour
  • Paper capacity: Std 300 Max 2700 sheets
  • 7-inch colour LCD touchscreen with Easy UI mode
  • Single sign-on brings easy access to public cloud storage services
  • Standard Duplex Single Pass Feeder (DSPF)
  • Wireless LAN as standard and 2-line wired LAN support
  • Advanced data protection and access control with SSL validation and whitelisting


Sharp new MX-C304W A4 colour Multifunction Printers (MFPs) you can enjoy the best of both worlds. They are designed to keep your valuable business information secure, but also enable flexible workflows – providing exceptional ease-of-use, simple connectivity and effortless mobility to optimise workforce efficiency. Their compact design and extensive feature set also mean they offer the convenience of a desktop machine combined with the enterprise-class performance of an A3 MFP. It makes them the ideal choice for workgroups in small & medium businesses (SMBs) or for larger organisations who want an easy way to increase productivity in any busy office environment.

Get more done – faster

With output speeds of 30ppm in colour and mono you get an instant productivity boost. Especially as the new Adobe Embedded Printer Engine (AEPE) helps to deliver up to 80% faster printing for mobile, cloud and USB. You can also save even more time thanks to their flexible paper capacity, which can be expanded from 300 up to 2,700 sheets. So there’s less downtime and minimum user intervention.

And it’s not just printing that’s faster. You can scan and digitise documents in duplex at speeds of up to 110 ipm with the MX-C304W. They will also scan up to 25 business cards in one go, or both sides of up to four cards. This fast document digitisation is perfect for busy environments, like reception areas, where time is short.

More productive by design

These MFPs simplify everyday printing, copying and scanning tasks – unlocking efficiency savings and more flexible ways of working.

A large 500GB onboard Hard Disk Drive (HDD) can store much larger and more complex documents, and everything can be quickly accessed using an efficient Document Filing system. But for the ultimate convenience Sharp’s Office Direct Print technology lets you print whatever you want without even logging into your PC. Just walk up to your MFP, insert a USB memory stick containing images, Adobe PDFs or Microsoft Office files and print off whatever you want. Or you can quickly scan and save documents straight to the USB stick.

You can even avoid the inconvenience of retyping essential information if you only have a hard copy. A powerful Optical Character Recognition feature lets you scan and convert documents into fully searchable PDFs and editable Microsoft® Office files (Word, PowerPoint and Excel). Sharp’s Optimised Software Solutions also help you optimise the way your work. They are designed to reduce printing and copying costs, simplify how you store and share documents, ensure flexible access on the move and streamline workflows and day-to-day management.

As easy as you like

It can be really frustrating when you’re in a hurry and have to waste time struggling with complex technology or convoluted settings. With these MFPs you don’t! Their intuitive operation means that even the most complex processes are made simple - Sharp also received the Buyers Lab ‘Ease of Use’ PaceSetter award for powerful print and scan features and easy to use interface of their devices.

They have a large 7-inch colour touchscreen LCD that you can tilt for easy viewing. Easy Mode also ensures that all of the everyday functions, like ‘Scan’ and ‘Copy’, are displayed in large, immediately accessible icons. Or, if there are other functions that are used a lot, you can simply drag and drop their icons onto your personal home screen for faster access.

Keep your data safer

The loss of business information can have a devastating impact on productivity and profitability. So stringent protection is vital. Sharp’s MX-C304W MFPs include the most advanced security and access controls. They ensure that your valuable information and intellectual property are robustly protected, avoiding any disruption to your business.

Their comprehensive layers of security provide effective protection for both your network and your data:

  • Self-healing – a master copy of the system’s operational settings are stored locally, so they can be safely recovered if there is ever a problem. It ensures that you can continue working, while also protecting your valuable information and intellectual property.
  • Instant validation – all incoming and outgoing data communication, including OSA and email, is checked using SSL Certificate Validation to prevent any unauthorised or malicious access to your information.
  • Controlled access – attempts to access the MFP are actively monitored and permission is only granted if the applications and operating firmware are on an approved whitelist. Any unrecognised systems are instantly blocked, logged and reported.
  • Certified security – the embedded data security meets the very latest security standards of government and military offices. By conforming to the Protection Profile for Hardcopy Devices (HCD-PP v1.0) the MFPs can handle even the most sensitive data.

As a result, you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your business and its data are proactively protected by the highest level of security.

Work without limits.

Being able to work anytime and anywhere is now essential to boosting productivity and profitability. Sharp’s new MFPs provide effortless connectivity that enables you to share information quickly and securely, using mobile and cloud technologies. So you can achieve much more when you are on the move and rapidly exploit new opportunities to help grow your business.

Effortless mobility

Built-in wireless connectivity allows any WiFi enabled laptop, tablet or smartphone to directly connect to the MFP without a wireless LAN. Using their NFC card reader and QR Code you can link your mobile device to the MFP in seconds without any complex configuration, so you can print and scan almost instantly. You can also print from any app that supports the Android™ printing framework, or use Airprint to quickly print web pages, photos, email and more from iOS and OS X devices without any set-up. For even greater flexibility, their optional Dual Network Connectivity means you can share the same MFP over two different networks, one of which could be wireless, even if they have different network security settings or usage restrictions.

Easier and safer data access

Accessing and printing information that’s stored in public cloud services is much easier with a Single Sign On (SSO) . There’s no need to remember separate usernames and passwords. Just log in once and you can securely print and store information using Google Drive, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Box and Dropbox. There’s also a Gmail connector for scanning to email and Exchange Online (MS 365 email). And there’s less risk that important or sensitive documents will be left out in the open. With the Print Release feature you can send a job to print and then, whenever you are ready, just walk over to the most convenient printer, log on and print off your information.

Simpler to manage

Just like our larger A3 MFPs, printing or receiving information directly from your business systems and cloud-based applications is made much simpler with Sharp OSA (Open System Architecture). And the new Application Centre Portal also provides cloud connector apps and software updates that enable agile updating and make the MFP more adaptable.

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