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November 29, 2021

There is always a high demand for printing and copying in large firms and workgroups, and it is important to have properly working copiers/printers to meet all these needs. A laser printer in Toronto can be the best option so far while considering this. However, buying or leasing a printer becomes a dilemma as you get perplexed about which alternative would be more beneficial. As these printing and copying machines can be very costly and may range in thousands of dollars, it is important to understand the pros and cons of these alternatives. 

Leasing Copiers/Printers

The primary reason to avoid the obsolescence of the printing equipment can be done by leasing it. The companies which are largely reliant on the printers with most printing jobs may be affected by obsolescence. Leasing is also effective to get the equipment with low upfront costs. It is a way to preserve credits as most small businesses have limited access to credits. Moreover, if you are leasing a printer, you will be free from the resale or disposal fuss. You get a maintenance plan offered by the equipment provided, and that is why you are not stuffed with the maintenance chores. 

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The major drawback of leasing copiers/printers equipment is that it is more expensive when compared to purchasing equipment. This is because you have to pay a certain amount of interest all around the period of leasing. At the end of the period, the lessees end up paying more than the actual value of the copier. Also, for a business like startups, it is not compatible with leasing a printer as you get bound to a contract and cannot change it even if your needs increase.

Purchasing Copiers/Printers

Buying a printer ends up being an inexpensive alternative if we use it for the long run. Another benefit of purchasing a copier/printer is that you can get a return for the old printer even after depreciating the value, which is impossible when you have leased it. You are also not bound to a certain contract when you purchase a printer and are free from paying any amount of interest to the third-party provider that you usually have to pay throughout the leasing period. Moreover, you are allowed to hire the service company provider of your choice without taking the approval of anyone. This mainly occurs when you have signed a contractual agreement for the equipment.

When we talk about the drawbacks, we need to consider the initial expense one spends while purchasing a printer. This becomes unmanageable for small businesses and most startups. Also, it gets difficult to replace an outdated or used printer when you buy it. 

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