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Why Are Color Copiers Exponentially More Expensive?

October 18, 2021

Why Are Color Copiers Exponentially More Expensive?

The common perception is that color printing is exponentially more expensive than monochrome (black and white) printing. Firstly, let’s explore why such a question arises. Toronto Office Copiers are here to clear all your queries. A human’s sense of color vision allows him to obtain pleasure that is not possible with black and white. Therefore, color copies command more attention and offer great attention. The question of expensive color copies mostly comes up in marketing meetings and small business entrepreneurs, budget discussions and board meetings as they wonder about the high cost of catalogs, brochures, etc. and how they can get cheaper copies. However, the cost of any ink depends on the brand of machines, paper and ink involved. It is mainly observed that black ink is cheaper, whereas the cost of color ink cartridges varies from $20 to $100 for replacement. If you are fond of the highest-quality copier/printer, then the cost of its color ink could be double or even triple that of black ink. 

Colour presentations are more eye-catchy to draw attention to the objects or things longer and more intently. They are the time saver for the people at the meeting. Putting all stuff together can boost up your sales. The color print application to your business materials can boost your sales up to more than 75 percent than what you have experienced till now. These color printing are more virtually impervious to smearing, whereas monochrome copiers come with a single cartridge of black toner. Colour copiers use three additional cartridges- yellow, magenta, and cyan- to produce a full range of printed colors that exponentially increase the cost of color copiers. 

Colour copiers/printers deliver stunning output in every field. They have a 2400 x 2400 dpi resolution that reflects outstanding fine line details with smooth color transitions. Generally, a business needs a multifunction printer as they cost around 5 cents for color, and one must think about the need for the copy machine. If your business is willing to be more efficient, they need high-quality images; they must go with a color copier. Multifunction black and white printers have a fixed arena to work, and they are less efficient than coloured ones. Deciding factors depend on what to print and the amount you are willing to spend on printing to be a more efficient and economical choice. Some of the significant differences are listed below:-

  • The black and white are cost-effective than coloured ones, and their cost per printing page is also reasonable. People would more likely go with coloured printers nowadays. 

  • The black and white copier costs around $ 195, whereas the color counts around $275. 

  • The black and white copiers offer speed 28ppm, whereas the color offers 21 ppm.

The cost per page based on rated yield comes out at the front when comparing black ink cartridges. In short, if your office desires to go with traditional printouts or a more significant number of text files with efficient speed, go with black and white printers and copiers. 

Officer copiers need to be flexible enough to print all other media and must have automatic duplexing. It allows the copier to print both sides. The expensiveness of the office copier in Toronto depends on the cartridges’ cost, flexibility and productive workflow of the device. The clear, vibrant and incredible detail of texts are a mandatory part of copying.

Toronto Copiers offer a range of versatile copiers and scanners for office/workgroup or production printing. Our products deliver the best adaptable capabilities ranging from professional-grade finishing to superior image quality, automation and security to take entry-level to the next level. Your graphics, production and creativity require a high level of finishing. We have an ‘all-in-one solution’ to fulfill your demands with many functions for the versatility of the office work environment. Color printers assist your professional requirements with the variety of innovation and creativity. The print utility of our printers are versatile from ios to android devices, making mobile printing and scanning convenient with great ease. They will convert scanned documents automatically to the pre-specified destination. Our office copiers in Toronto serve vibrant color with incredible details, excellent quality of images, thin lines and precise printing of small texts, adjustable line length, superb speed and many more. Of course, there must be regular periodic upgradation of the system. 

If you want to know more about color or black and white copiers/printers, please contact Toronto Copiers for any query and lowest price office copiers in Canada.