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Why should you buy or lease office copier for your business?

August 28, 2021

Why should you buy or lease office copier for your business?

You've found the ideal Office Copiers Toronto and can't wait to put it to work. It will increase the productivity and efficiency of your office, helping you to achieve your business objectives. However, there is one stumbling block in your way. You're unsure whether buying or leasing an office copier is the best option for your company or organization.

If you had posed that question a few years ago, around half of the people would have said lease, and the other half would have said buy. However, the majority of people nowadays are on a team lease. Examine the advantages of both to learn why.

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The Advantages of Renting an Office Copier

Because of the advantages, many decision-makers prefer leasing to buy Office Copier Toronto. Let's take a look at the main benefits of leasing workplace copiers.


  • Cash Flow Flexibility
  • You never know when your next business chance will present itself. Of course, to take advantage of it, you'll need cash on hand, which is why so many businesses lease copiers.


  • Obtain the Most Effective Product on the Market
  • It's hard to manage a successful business without considering your budget for office printer sale Toronto. Your budget may force you to make difficult choices when purchasing office equipment.

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  • Loans with better terms than a traditional loan
  • Some businesses prefer to finance an office copier with a traditional bank loan. Conventional loans, on the other hand, usually require a downpayment and have higher monthly payments.


  • Possibility of Purchasing an Office Copier
  • Some people are apprehensive about signing a lease because they believe they will lose the copier at the end of the term. You can, however, incorporate a buyout option at the end of your lease arrangement.


    The Advantages of Buying an Office Copier

    While the majority of individuals lease, there are several advantages to buying a copier. Let's look at the benefits to help you decide whether to lease or buy a multifunction printer or copier.


  • Finance Fees and Interest Charges Should Be Avoided
  • You don't have to pay interest or finance costs if you buy a lowest price Toronto copier outright. This type of purchase is a good alternative if you have the funds on hand to purchase without disrupting your cash flow.


  • Owning a home gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with it.
  • Ownership comes with a set of benefits. First, because you are not obligated to a leasing firm, you are not required to return the multifunction printer or purchase anything else from them.

    What to Think About Before Renting an Office Copier

    You should conduct some research before signing on the dotted line if you've opted to lease your next Toner and Ink Cartridges Toronto. You can find the best copy machine companies in Michigan by doing some research.


  • The Leasing Company is a company that specializes in leasing.
  • There are numerous leasing firms to choose from, including approved local dealers. Clients usually receive personalized programs from local vendors, and they also get the best deals.


  • Term of Lease
  • While most leases are for three to five years, it is possible to sign a contract for up to 24 months. In addition, some businesses provide short-term leases of their products, so be sure to inquire.


  • Total Price
  • Your local authorized dealer can help you break down the costs so you can see how much the copier would cost if you bought it outright versus how much you'll pay if you lease it. Of course, the overall cost will be influenced by your interest rate.


  • The Lease Purchase
  • Although some businesses offer lease buyouts, it is usually not in your best interests. In terms of operational costs, upgrading to a new gadget is a better (financially) option due to lower service costs.


    While leasing is more common these days than purchasing, both are valid options. However, it's critical to conduct preliminary research and concentrate on the most relevant issues to your small business and employees.

    Most of the time, leasing your next office copier is the better alternative because it has reduced running costs and fewer hours of downtime.

    We sell and lease office copiers at Precision Toner, and we can help you decide which one is best for your company. We can help you achieve your business goals and enhance productivity by providing a comprehensive set of resources for businesses of all sizes.