$165.33/Month VERY LOW PAGE COUNT Ricoh Pro C5200S With TRIPLE-CASSETTE(3) and 1200dip Print Resolution Multifunction Business Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax Machine with ADVANCED FINISHER 3-HOLE PUNCH and SADDLE STITCHING


Lease For Only $165.33/Month

VERY LOW PAGE COUNT Ricoh Pro C5200S With TRIPLE-CASSETTE(3) and 1200dip Print Resolution Multifunction Business Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax Machine with ADVANCED FINISHER 3-HOLE PUNCH and SADDLE STITCHING

With the compact, versatile RICOH Pro C5200s, you can improve customer experience, increase productivity and lower printing costs.

Support your marketing, operational and financial objectives with systems that help you:

  • Differentiate your business.
  • Satisfy and retain customers
  • Raise the bar for agile information management.
  • Keep jobs in-house.
  • Lower operating costs
  • Safeguard information.
  • Improve productivity and throughput.
  • Handle vertical market applications effortlessly.
  • Grow with confidence.


This Ricoh Pro C5200S multi-function digital colour production systems provide expansive capabilities that are ideal for in-plants, corporate reprographics departments (CRDs), franchise printers and commercial printers. Meet simple-to-complex customer requirements with vibrant colour, an array of media choices and multiple finishing options. Earn rapid ROI by producing brochures, direct mail, manuals, point-of-sale displays, oversize items, books and other materials quickly and economically.

Deliver production speed and quality to clients in-house

The RICOH Pro C5200s Cutsheet Colour Printers deliver the high-end output of larger production printers in a compact, low-cost package. The Pro C5200s provide businesses, small to medium-sized print shops, and high-volume printing environments with the ability to produce short-run, quick-turnaround jobs in-house, thanks to superior image quality, extensive substrate support, robust finishing options, and enhanced digital capabilities.

Differentiate your business

Precise, repeatable quality helps your shop stand out in a competitive industry. The Pro C5200s produce information that’s distinguished by crisp, clear text and images that are saturated in rich, dense colour by our innovative printing process. Maintain stringent quality standards with tight registration; with technology that minimizes colour shifts; and with consistent ability to print on specialty stocks. For follow-on small reprint or on-demand jobs, the Pro C5200s can match the image quality of your larger systems, enabling you to use assets in the most productive manner for you and your customers. Better yet, the devices monitor image quality continuously and recalibrate when necessary, automatically protecting the overall quality of every piece that goes out your door.

Satisfy and retain customers

With abundant capabilities in a single device, you can easily cross-sell and up-sell various output sizes, media and finishing options to keep customers coming back for more. Print on thick stock (up to 360 gsm) that’s up to 13" x 19.2" in size to produce direct mail, menus or other items that must be distinct and durable. Produce unique postcards and envelopes by feeding coated and textured paper through optional media trays. Create professional-quality oversize sheets up to 27.5" long for point-of-sale displays and signage. Produce professionally bound books on demand. With such exceptional output flexibility, in-plants and CRDs can keep more work in-house and print-for-pay businesses can reach out to new market segments.

Raise the bar for agile information management

The more ways you can accept and distribute information, the better you can meet customer preferences and deadlines. With the Pro C5200s, you can scan full-color documents and share them electronically with scan-to capabilities. With scanto-URL, you can send an email with an embedded URL link to the system’s hard disk drive — use it for proofing or to get information to recipients without waiting for a courier or for recipients to return to their desks. In addition, you don’t have to bog down your network by transmitting large files or storing large files on the document server. Instead, transfer files to the printer from USB or SD cards. With multi-function options, you’ll improve customer experience while gaining internal efficiencies.

Control costs while you increase efficiency and safeguard information

Lower operating costs

By simplifying print-related tasks and conserving energy with the Pro C5200s, you can lower labor and other operating costs significantly. Configure and install print drivers automatically when you use our Device Software Manager. Use RICOH @Remote to monitor devices in real time, expedite remote repairs, and automate meter reads and toner orders. In addition, these systems have a low Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC) value, which earns an ENERGY STAR® certification and meets EPEAT® Gold criteria*. This translates into low power consumption, which you can further maximize by programming the systems to shut down when your shop is closed. And, to avoid the cost of idle systems, you can participate in our Trained Customer Replaceable Units (TCRU) program to keep downtime to a minimum.

Safeguard the information you handle

When you protect the information, you also protect customer relationships and revenue. The Pro C5200s are allies in this cause. User authentication ensures that only authorized users can access specific functions and output. Optionally, you can require users to pass a proximity card or ID card in front of a card reader to gain access to the device. Data encryption tools help safeguard the information that’s stored, reused, or transmitted, and the DataOverwriteSecuritySystem (DOSS) overwrites latent data on the hard drive. With multiple layers of security, you and your customers can feel confident that sensitive and confidential information is in good hands.

Gain efficiencies from day one and build on them for the future

Improve productivity and throughput

By making print tasks easier for your staff to perform, you can improve productivity and throughput. At the same time, you can reduce errors that lead to rework and higher costs. In both Windows® and Mac® environments, you can choose the standard Ricoh controller or optional Fiery® controllers to eliminate time-consuming manual tasks and minimize training time. With the Ricoh controller, you can customize workflows and work styles using the optional Smart Operation Panel. Icon-based shortcuts, for example, allow you to find information fast and speed up repetitive tasks — all with the familiar swiping, flicking and tapping gestures you use on your mobile devices. The optional Fiery E-24B and server-based Fiery E-44B controllers simplify colour management tasks with intuitive, straightforward commands.

Handle vertical market requirements effortlessly

Be the go-to print provider for industries such as healthcare, government, legal and education. Each has specific applications, but all require quality, timeliness and reliability that you can deliver as an in-plant, CRD, franchise printer or commercial printer. With the versatile Pro C5200s, you can fulfill colour or black-and-white requests for marketing materials, forms, legal documents, training materials, handouts, manuals, teacher handouts, student projects and so on. After you scan and digitize information, you can re-run jobs at a moment’s notice. Or, you can offer the speed and convenience of electronic delivery. With robust multi-function capabilities, it’s easy to prove you’re an industry output specialist.

Grow with confidence

Growing your operation is easier when you have the right technology and the right vendor to back you up. With the Pro C5200s, you can speed through jobs by producing up to 80 colour or black-and-white prints per minute, even in duplex mode, to meet increasing volumes. Accept long-run jobs without hesitation because you can expand paper capacity up to 8,250 sheets. Add optional RICOH TotalFlow Print Manager or RICOH TotalFlow Production Manager software to further automate repetitive tasks and reduce manual touch points. When you’re ready to expand, we’re here to help you reach your goals with vast production print expertise, industry knowledge and the largest service organization in the country.


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