$52/Month New Demo Ricoh SP C840 C840DN 45PPM Office Laser Color Printer, 11x17 With 1200x1200 DPI Print Resolution - High-Quality Colour Output - Only 24 Pages Printed


$52/Month New Demo Ricoh SP C840 C840DN 45PPM Office Laser Color Printer, 11x17 With 1200x1200 DPI Print Resolution - High-Quality Colour Output - Only 24 Pages Printed

Use the RICOH SP C840DN C840 to print high-volume, high-quality colour output at high speeds in-house and make a bigger impact for less cost. Create colourful postcards, brochures, labels, point-of-sale displays and much more on a wider range of media to impress every audience, every time. Use the large, all-digital Smart Operation Panel to customize workflows, set shortcuts and automate print tasks, so you can share information and move on to the next opportunity with ease. Print with convenience and confidence via advanced mobile support and security. Capture a more professional look with advanced finishing options. Add it all up and this powerful, versatile colour printer is the ideal light production device for any office or workgroup.

  • Produce up to 45 full-colour prints/copies per minute
  • Add professional finishing and captivating colour in-house
  • Expedite print tasks with automated workflows and shortcuts
  • Print and share information via your personal mobile device
  • Produce more types of documents on a wider range of media
  • Minimize energy costs with a host of eco-friendly capabilities

Overview of the Ricoh SP C840DN C840 Printer

Produce professional-quality colour documents internally with the SP C840DN Color Laser Printer to avoid the costs and delays associated with outsourcing. To ensure that your audience has vital information when they need it most, you should be able to produce up to 45 pages per minute (ppm), even in duplex mode. Replace toner and drums, reload paper, and refill it quickly without help from a technician.

Compel with quality colour

Impress audiences with expert prints at a resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. Utilize our patented toner technology to create point-of-sale displays, labels, and postcards with sharper images and more vibrant colours. To save money on expensive reruns, preview your work on the touchscreen and make revisions.

Get personal, stay productive

The 10.1" all-digital Smart Operation Panel streamlines daily workflows so you can easily access vital information and complete print operations with the same finger motions you use on your smartphone or tablet. Pick from a variety of user interfaces. Download apps from the Ricoh Application Site to increase productivity. Even one-touch iconic workflow shortcuts are possible.

Make your work more personal and productive

Be productive and produce more jobs

Use the SP C840DN to produce up to 60 colour or black-and-white prints per minute, even in duplex mode, and share the most important information with clients and colleagues quickly. Take advantage of its powerful processor and 2 GB RAM standard to manage multiple jobs simultaneously. Add optional storage trays to extend the paper capacity up to 4,700 sheets and reduce workflow interruptions. Perform maintenance in seconds without technical assistance. The easy-to-see optional Attention Light lets you know the printer status at a glance. Reduce misfeeds and expedite paper reloads with auto-draw standard trays. If there is a jam, follow the LED animation to find it. Replace the high-yield OPC drum unit in moments.

Captivate with colour and clarity

Take advantage of 4-bit colour technology to print exceptional colour output with up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution. Produce smoother gradations, sharper text and more exact colour reproductions via the device’s proprietary oil-free polyester polymerization (PxP) toner for professional-quality prints at affordable in-house costs. Preview every document before printing to reduce errors and fine-tune colour easily for the most accurate prints every time. Plus, with the wide range of paper handling and finishing capabilities, you can focus in on more compelling output for every audience.

Meet every need in every way

Use up to six paper sources to print on a wider range of paper stocks — including oversized booklets, personalized envelopes, basic banners up to 49.6" long, thicker postcards up to 300 gsm/170 lb. Index and more — and share targeted collateral quickly and conveniently. You also have the option to print 12.6" x 18" (SRA3) output so you can see the crop marks and colour bars on your larger, more complex graphics. Best of all, you’re expanding what you can do — without adding to your footprint. The SP C840DN requires less space than most high-end printers and takes less from your budget.

Control and customize your print experience

Take a swipe at an easier way to print

Get in touch with faster workflows via our Workstyle Innovation Technology on the all-digital 10.1" Smart Operation Panel. Access information and toggle between jobs with the same swiping, scrolling and flicking techniques you use on your smartphone or tablet. Choose between multiple intuitive user interfaces and simply tap on large, intuitive icons to begin tasks or to dig deeper for more important details, including the number of prints, finishing options, toner supplies and more. Download apps from the online Ricoh Application Site to perform specific functions just as easily. For example, you can download an app to print files in shared folders or watch self-help videos to improve end-user productivity.

Make productivity a custom fit

Use what you know about your print environment and customers to add iconic shortcuts to automate workflows and avoid tedious, error-prone manual tasks. Take advantage of the same customizable Workstyle Innovation Technology capabilities you use on other new Ricoh devices, including the large 10.1" intuitive touchscreen control panel, mobile convenience and intelligent support, to expedite and simplify printing. Find critical information and make adjustments in moments. You can also add plug-and-play workflow software, such as RICOH FlexRelease CX to automate your most advanced workflows so you can hit your next deadline along with your budgetary goals.

Move information, move yourself

With your smartphone or tablet, you can access information and work from anywhere. Now you can print from there, too. Download the RICOH Smart Device Connector app and print from the SP C840DN without adding software, drivers or utilities. Simply touch your mobile device to the Near Field Communication (NFC) tag, use Bluetooth or activate a QR code to get started. Use the embedded Web Browser to access information from cloud application sites, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, in moments without expensive on-premises storage solutions. Grant visitors the same freedom without compromising security. In fact, you can use an optional second network port to connect the printer to multiple networks simultaneously and assign specific users and guests accordingly.

Move information quickly and securely

Add more finishing in a smaller footprint

Choose from a wide range of automated finishing options to add a professional look and feel to your most important output without compromising floor space. Use the Internal Multi-fold Unit to automate four different types of folds, including tri-folds and z-folds, and eliminate expensive and time-consuming manual folding or outsourcing. Prepare invoices and other documents for insertion in envelopes. Create your own complex direct mailers. You can also simplify other finishing tasks, such as stapling, hole punching, saddle stitching, booklet finishing and more, to expedite production and minimize errors even more. With the optional 1,000-Sheet Hybrid Staple + Stapleless Finisher, you can choose staple-free document sets you’re printing for children or food-based industries.

Get information to the right people

Use the SP C840DN to share information with more people — and to help protect information. Have users log in to the device with a passcode or add the optional NFC card reader for ID card swiping, and restrict access to important information and print functions. Add optional software such as RICOH Device Manager NX Accounting to issue chargebacks to specific workgroups or individuals. Set colour print quotas or restrict colour prints entirely for users who print only reports, emails and other basic documents. Use Locked Print to hold prints until the authorized user releases them to minimize forgotten prints and to help protect confidential information from passersby. Add watermarks to prevent audiences from copying sensitive information on other devices.

Save your energy, along with the planet

Saving energy and protecting the environment should come automatically. Now it does with the SP C840DN. The printer is ENERGY STAR certified, meets EPEAT Gold criteria and offers Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC) of 0.52 kWh/week for the SP C840DN. Set duplex printing as the default to reduce paper costs. Use Sleep Mode to minimize energy costs. For longer periods of inactivity, you can program the device to shut off entirely when you know the office will be empty. Take advantage of an Eco-Friendly Indicator screen to track eco-saving statistics, including paper usage or to send users responsible printing reminders.


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