Ricoh MP C6503 65PPM LOW COUNT Colour Multifunction Photocopier Printer Color Scanner, 11x17 12x18 With BOOKLET MAKER FINISHER


Ricoh MP C6503 65PPM LOW COUNT Colour Multifunction Photocopier Printer Color Scanner, 11x17 12x18 With BOOKLET MAKER FINISHER

Find out with the customizable RICOH MP C6503 colour digital MFP. Simplify everyday document management tasks and move information quickly and accurately — so you can make smarter decisions that improve productivity and grow your business. Produce a wider range of high-quality media in general office environments at up to 80 pages per minute (ppm). Distribute documents and images instantly via convenient Scan-to capabilities. Use paperless faxing to deliver important forms with fewer hassles and less cost. Take advantage of advanced security features to protect your best ideas. With our Workstyle Innovation Technology, you can create your own one-touch automated shortcuts on the dynamic Smart Operation Panel. Or, use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to manage the same tasks on the go.

  • Produce colour or black-and-white documents at up to 65 ppm
  • Minimize errors and delays by creating automated workflows
  • Use intuitive Smart Operation Panel features to transition quickly between jobs
  • Print and share information from your personal mobile device
  • Create more colour documents in-house to reduce outsourcing costs
  • Conserve energy and paper with environmentally friendly features

Ricoh MP C6503 65PPM Colour Multifunction Printer

Before you even arrive, the motion sensor turns on the control panel so that you can start printing documents from the touchscreen in colour and black and white at a rate of up to 65 pages per minute (ppm). Scan originals, then use the scan-to options to share them digitally. To save money, use the optional email-fax capabilities. Reduce wait times by increasing paper capacity from the typical 3,700 sheets to a maximum of 8,100 sheets.

Go all in with all-in-one performance

Every day brings something different, but at least you’ll know how to get it done quickly with the reliable MP C6503. It includes a motion sensor that wakes up the control panel automatically from sleep mode as you approach, so can you can start multitasking immediately. Take advantage of output speeds that reach up to 80 pages per minute to print and copy notes, invoices, handouts and other forms with incredible speed and precision. Scan originals via a 220-Sheet Single Pass Document Feeder (SPDF) and choose from a wide range of Scan-to capabilities to share them electronically in only moments. Send and receive contracts and other fax documents through email and save on paper and transmission costs.

Perform more tasks in more places

Don’t stop working when you start moving. Download the RICOH Smart Device Connector app to control all print, copy, scan and fax functions from your Android® or iOS® device. Access digital files directly from your device or Cloud applications and send them to the MFP. Scan originals at the MFP and send them to your device electronically as PDFs that you can carry with you. Or, send them directly to contacts in your personal address book just as easily.

Impress with more media options

Give every audience what it wants. Expand paper capacity up to 8,100 sheets to work continuously with fewer delays. Choose from multiple paper trays, including tandem trays, and load the device with the right stocks for the right audience. Print black-and-white output or compelling full-colour brochures, proposals and more with image quality up to 1200 x 4800 dpi. You can even produce colourful banners up to 49.6" long.

Use technology intelligently

Tap into a new way to work

Complete more jobs quickly via innovative RICOH Workstyle Innovation Technology. We’ve removed all hardwired keys on the large 10.1" touchscreen Smart Operation Panel, so you can use the same scrolling and pinch-and-flick movements you use on your personal mobile device to access settings, change details and transition between jobs and tasks with ease. Users can choose from multiple interfaces. Simply tap an icon to perform primary tasks such as copying, scanning or faxing with a single touch. Choose an intuitive, straightforward grid layout to access critical information quickly and dive deeper into details without extensive searches or delays. You can even opt for the look of our legacy control panels and pack more information onto a single screen.

Customize how your workflows

You know what needs to be done. With the MP C6503, you’ll know exactly how to do it faster. Create iconic one-touch shortcuts for frequently used workflows. If you know you’ll be sending a weekly newsletter to clients, create a workflow for it and avoid repetitive manual rekeying. Simply press the customized icon, grab your file or scan the document and your list of recipients populates automatically. For other specialized functions, choose from a wide range of downloadable workflow apps and customize the control panel to fit your unique needs. Do you handle a lot of two-sided forms, such as insurance cards? Use the ID Card Copy app and scan them onto a single-sided document. Opt for other apps, including Scan-to-Folder Helper, Printer Native, Conference Concierge, Shared Folder Print and Easy Book Copy, just as easily.

Put critical information within your reach

Searching for answers is easier when you know where to look. Find critical information in moments with the MP C6503/MP C8003. Store up to 3,000 frequently used files on the Document Server. Select the one you need with a single tap on the Smart Operation Panel. You can also take advantage of optical character recognition (OCR) to place metadata on documents, images and PDF files — and search for them via keywords. Utilize the embedded web browser or Cloud-based applications to work with important information, images, documents, and more.

Control information and costs throughout the enterprise

Make smarter administrative decisions

Get closer to optimal performance even when you’re far away. Capture critical information remotely to make more informed administrative decisions for your entire fleet. Use RICOH @Remote to monitor the status of every device and collect critical information and meter reads in real-time, so you can identify and resolve issues before they compromise productivity. Use RICOH Device Manager NX to manage configurations and updates in moments via any web browser. Detect, install or update print drivers automatically with RICOH Device Software Manager.

Bring accountability to the enterprise

The most effective messages are targeted at specific audiences. Why risk losing them before they get there? With user authentication, users must log in using a passcode on the control panel or present their ID or proximity card to the optional NFC Card Reader to access critical information and perform MFP functions. Use it to track specific projects to identify bottlenecks and unnecessary printing. Plus, you can pair the MFP with RICOH Streamline NX® and issue chargebacks to specific users and workgroups. Take advantage of Locked Print to keep each job in the print queue — and out of the hands of passersby — until the authorized user releases them. Add a watermark to documents to prevent unauthorized users from trying to copy confidential information. In addition, the device offers powerful data encryption and automatic latent data overwrite to help protect information on the hard drive.

Make a big impact with less energy

You may be consumed by work, but that’s no reason to let it drain your energy. The MP C6503 is ENERGY STAR certified, meets the EPEAT Gold rating* and offers a Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC) as low as 1.24 kWh/week. It’s also designed specifically for quieter operations. Do your part by programming the device to power off at a time of your choosing. To save paper costs, keep duplex printing as the default setting. To reduce output costs, set quotas to limit unnecessary printing or restrict specific users or workgroups to black-and-white printing. You can also share reminders about responsible paper usage via the Eco-Friendly Indicator at the control panel.


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